How To Choose WaterProof Cycling For Jackets

Last update: 2021-11-25

A waterproof cycling jacket is an accessory in cycling activity because they are not just a regular jacket, but a jacket that has good waterproofing when the weather turns bad. As you know that cycling is quite popular not only in daily activities but also in cycling races on terrain such as road or cliff road.

The weather also affects cycling more or less, for the summer many cyclists will equip many accessories such as sunglasses, cycling hats, gloves, shoes. For severe weather such as downpour and snow, they will choose for themselves gloves winter, shoes winter, waterproof jacket and specialized things to keep warm.

However, some people believe that winter cycling jackets can provide a variety of materials for better warmth and more aerodynamic cuts, but this will be bulkier and less waterproof. Therefore, the latter combines a variety of materials to create an elastic waterproof jacket layer that has good heat retention ability, along with minimalist design, light weight, so it is convenient to carry on trips for a few days.

The waterproof jacket layer, if good, will keep you dry but can create an effective windscreen. A good waterproof jacket layer will not only help you stay dry, but it will also create an effective barrier against cold winds.

Under humid conditions, the cooling effect of wet clothes will quickly reduce the body's heat. If you are active in heavy rain, to overcome this, you should invest in a waterproof cycling jacket to help you stay dry.

To understand more about which things you should know before buying the waterproof cycling jacket. Let's introduce each information basis right now.

1. Types of fabrics waterproof cycling for jackets

How To Choose WaterProof Cycling For Jackets

  • 3 layers fabric: With a three-layer fabric construction consisting of a waterproof membrane and combined with face fabric and lining fabric. With the same design as a waterproof fabric lining, the membrane can be smooth, many pores allow body heat to reduce water vapor accumulation, increasing water resistance. The inner lining allows moisture absorption and lifts the waterproof membrane away from the skin, reducing the feeling of noise. Besides, the three-layer fabric is easily breathable and safe on the skin. In fact, three-layer fabrics will be more expensive than two-layer or two-and-a-half layers, but on the contrary, they bring many good conditions to users.
  • 2.5 layers fabric: They are made of face fabric bonded with a waterproof membrane, specially with an embossed inner layer to resist abrasion, body sweat and other damaging elements. This type is lightweight and easy to pack and carry. However, unlike 3 layer fabric, it is less durable or not breathable. Ideal for long distance riding or shorter commutes under about 7 miles.
  • 2 layers fabric: Composed of a fabric and a waterproof membrane attached together. However, there are still some double layers that still have a drop lining. Thanks to this feature, it is possible to protect the membrane and increase operator comfort. On the other hand, they will make the jacket heavier than other types. Without an inner lining, the two layers fabric is susceptible to abrasion and body oils. To ensure this, the film can be made thicker, but the breathability is reduced. However, like the brand Clear Pro Tech ST waterproof jacket for cycling also has a 2-layer fabric construction, but with a unique design and no face fabric. These are two layers of waterproof membrane placed both inside and a thin three-fur lining that keeps them safe from light skin when wearing them.

2. Materials of waterproof cycling for jackets

How To Choose WaterProof Cycling For Jackets

Most cycling jerseys are waterproof because they're constructed of laminated laminate, with sophisticated sewing techniques and extra zippers to keep water out.

  • DRW material: has good waterproof ability, stable durability. Besides, they are also considered the first line of defense by experts. In general, they are not a coating, but rather a solid to be applied to the outer surface of the fabric. Most garments are waterproof (except for top membrane products) and have a DWR grade.

In fact, they feature essentially binding the individual fibers together to help the garment drain water faster and prevent saturation. The contact angle of the moisture surface will be increased on the fabric by the DWR layer . On the other hand, when they come into direct contact with any fabric, it will also create small pins or microparticles protruding on the surface of the fabric, preventing water from escaping.

At the same time, they also form particles that slide off the fabric. However, any product that is used for a long time will wear out. Like DWR, this fabric will not water and become saturated and heavy. Besides, you can still improve this by washing and spraying moisture-proof devices.

  • Laminate material: are breathable fabrics, water absorption through multi-layer materials and an inner layer of fabric to prevent moisture, the outer waterproof membrane is treated with DRW method. It is known that gore tex, thinsulate, polartec and eVent are internal membranes used to sandwich two other materials, usually outer wear-resistant objects, with a soft inner lining.

The fact that waterproof lamination techniques are installed with internal membranes with many holes. Usually round side films are quite thin, that's why there is an anti-wear layer on the outside of the garment as they are treated through the DWR mentioned above. In fact, today's waterproof jackets are all based on two-and-a-half or three-layer lamination. Over time, thin layers of fabric or film gradually replace DRW.

And use only a single layer to improve water repellency because there is no saturated outer layer, thereby reducing weight and even packaging size. However, because of the thin nature of this film, they are susceptible to wear in the presence of direct friction objects such as backpacks. Using a single layer increases water repellency because they do not have overly saturated outer layers, which helps reduce the weight of the product.

3. Structure of waterproof cycling for jackets

How To Choose WaterProof Cycling For Jackets

  • Outer layer: called "fabric" - and mostly made of nylon or polyester. As for this outer layer will not be waterproof, on the contrary they will be treated through durable water repellent (DWR) into water beads. You can brush off water particles easily. However, using time, the DWR layers are worn out due to the influence of many factors, but to prolong the time you can wash them through the machine. Furthermore, if the jacket is already worn, you can also spray a fresh coat of DWR onto the surface.
  • Middle layer: is the layer that is coated or laminated, mainly Teflon or Polyurethane. Because this membrane can breathe well thanks to the micro-holes.
  • Inner layer: there are still some fabrics with a three-layer mesh texture bonded to the inner surface. This allows for better evaporation of moisture, limiting the court's grip on your arms.

4. Water resistance of waterproof cycling for jackets

How To Choose WaterProof Cycling For Jackets

Usually water repellency is measured in terms of water, in mm, the index is measured by placing a 1"x1" tube over the material and filling it with water. A form of testing based on the height of the water level before the product begins to leak water through the materials, considered waterproof.

On the other hand, waterproof jacket products will have a rating to achieve an effect of at least over 1,500mm so that they can be used for a long time in the harshest conditions. In addition, the composition of the product will also affect the waterproofing more or less because water can pass through indirect ways such as poorly sealed seams or zippers, or through collars or sleeves if they are not tight.

5. Prepare the tape to fixed a empty holes waterproof cycling for jackets

Some jackets have good water resistance, but the quality assurance of the jacket is unknown. So, in addition to preparing a waterproof jacket, bring rolls of tape to seal the seams in your jacket if it feels open. Although it will increase the weight of the jacket and reduce the ability to breathe, it also depends on the quality of the jacket, how your purpose is to use it to be able to seal the holes to prevent water from entering.

6. Dropped tails and adjustable

How To Choose WaterProof Cycling For Jackets

Waterproof jackets for cycling all have a drop-down tail, to keep your lower back and butt covered when you're crouching low on the bike. From there, the position of the sleeve is often designed to be longer to limit when pedaling straight, the sleeve does not reveal the wrist. Best of all, the collar and cuff positions are easy to wear, so it is advisable to choose models with flexible adjustment and expansion joints. Plus, drawstrings at the hem and wrist, and adjustable velcro for a snug fit.

7. Mesh lining of waterproof cycling for jackets

The reason you sweat a lot on the sides of the shirt is because of its poor moisture resistance. Therefore, manufacturers have added an inner mesh lining to help drain moisture more effectively and comfortably for users. On the contrary, they will increase the weight of the shirt.

8. Breathability

The way to tell the difference between quality bike waterproof jackets in many markets is based on the breathability of the jacket. Overall, the design of the jacket is breathable with the inclusion of breathable fabrics under the arms, or specially added ventilation systems. Like the waterproof index, for this criterion weight is important and it is estimated in grams (g) of water vapor that can pass through a 1m x 1m area of fabric in a 24-hour period.

With a waterproof jacket with 20,000 degrees of breathability, 20,000g of steam can escape through the fabric in 24 hours. Finally, the waterproof jacket for cycling is water resistant up to 10,000 (g). During the movement, if the sweat cannot escape or they are incubated inside, this will affect the user's comfort. In fact, different fabrics have different rates of water vapor transmission, and in terms of cut, lining, film and vents all make a difference in how dry your skin feels.

9. Fitting waterproof cycling for jackets

How To Choose WaterProof Cycling For Jackets

Whenever you buy a product, in addition to the quality criterion, then it is about the size criterion to fit you better. If you are looking for a waterproof cycling jacket, there are instructions on how to check the size on Amazon or branded products as this can vary from brand to brand so consider carefully. As with products from the Castelli, GORE and Sportful brands will always have tight-fitting cuts. Some are still available in both men's and women's to ensure a snug fit.

10. Types of activities waterproof cycling for jackets

For professional athletes, the equipment is really necessary for the trip. Each type of cycling often requires specific accessories, cycling jackets will be tight, often with long and conspicuous sleeves.

This makes riding faster and can be cut for a comfortable position on the bike. The mountain bike jacket's design will limit rain from the sky and mud from below and keep you comfortable when walking uphill. In addition, there will be additional features on the jacket such as pockets to tuck your hands in to keep warm and a hood to protect your head from the rain when you take off your helmet. Overall, the mountain bike jacket will be comfortable because of its simplicity.


Check out the gearinstant information on the waterproof cycling for jackets that we have just provided. All the advantages that the waterproof cycling jacket offers improve comfort and confidence for you and your family and friends. For them, not only protect you under heavy rains, but also keep the body warm and stabilize the body temperature, avoiding fatigue.

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