How To Choose Good Bike For Cycling

Last update: 2021-11-26

To prepare for a fun-filled summer, short picnics or long trips with family are important because through these forms of travel you can bond with your family and spend a lot of time. give yourself more after a series of working days at full capacity.

Many forms of travel are chosen by people such as camping at home, nearby areas, cars, mountain climbing of all kinds or a cycle so you can live slowly with nature. What we want to share here is that you should invest in a bicycle, a vehicle that is close but rarely used in big cities. From here slow down a bit and take your break with a bicycle picnic.

Surely you will enjoy this sport because they not only strengthen your body and your family, but especially you will deeply feel every feature of nature that you have been moving around in the car since before. slightly closed the door.

The market also clearly divides each type of cycle for each age group such as men's cycles, women 's cycles, children's cycles if you have children in the family. However, with a little guidance, you can speed up the bike buying process.

1. Types of bikes for cycling

Road bike for cycling
How To Choose Good Bike For Cycling

The road bike for cycling is suitable for long-distance riding through rural roads, train racing, long-distance racing, urban commuting. They are designed with drop handlebars, usually the rider will have a more aerodynamic posture when riding the road cycle.

Weight reduction is a priority, so they're usually quite light, which makes for quick acceleration on hilly terrain and plenty of hand positions available. In fact, in addition to aerodynamically designed bikes, there are 'racing' geometry bikes that put the rider in an aggressive stance and 'relax' or 'sports' geometry bikes that will be upright and are generally more comfortable when traveling long distances or commuting.

Usually such vehicles have rim brakes, but technology has evolved to upgrade to disc brake versions. Thanks to the disc brakes they provide faster stopping in wet cycling conditions, conversely they are not used for races. In addition, the tires of the road women's cycle will be 23mm or 25mm thin, so choosing a wider tire will be comfortable and feel safe when running.

In addition, it is not mandatory for women to choose a bike specifically for them, as they can choose between a women's road bike or a men's road bike. In some published tests, women have roughly the same average arm length as men of the same height. Therefore designs for the road women's cycle are usually shorter in the upper tube.

Even the handlebars are narrower because women's shoulders are narrower. On the other hand, some women prefer unisex cycle, so choosingthe right one is based on their personality.

Mountain bike for cycling

How To Choose Good Bike For Cycling
The naming of this type of cycle also somewhat describes both the terrain and their main function. The mountain bike for cycling is suitable for running on trails, forests, and mud. There are many styles of mountain cycle on the market, but most of them are for dirt roads.

They have a wide vehicle layer structure and a convex surface from which the mud can beeasily removed. It is known that hardtail mountain cycles are the most popular choice because they have suspension at the front, but the rear is rigid, so will be comfortable on most trails.

However, on more challenging routes, this type of suspension cycle is not very suitable. In general, the wheel size of each bike varies from 26 inches - 27. 5 inches or 29 inches. Larger wheels also require more effort to keep up with speed, but roll faster and easily overcome obstacles.

Most of the mountain women's cycle prefer to choose 26. 5 inches and can be more depending on the person. The mountain women's cycle also has female-specific versions, so there will be narrow handlebars and female saddles. Not only men but women also need to pay attention to the suspension that needsto be properly set up, including the settings, and all the adjustments that can be made on unisex and women's cycle.

Casual bike for cycling

How To Choose Good Bike For CyclingThe next category we would like to introduce to you is the casual bike for cycling. They are often used for commuting and entertainment. They are known as flat bar cycles that canrun on a variety of terrain.

In addition, it is changeable and suitable for many sports, with a wide construction and off-road suspension. In addition, other cycles have smooth tires for riding around the streets. Moreover, cycle styles like Dutch cycles or sit up and beg types allow the rider to sit in a very upright position and often require little maintenance.

Plus, they often have protective locks that help prevent oil from cycle parts from touching clothing and very few gears. With a heavy frame design for better rolling on flat terrain.

Electric bike for cycling

How To Choose Good Bike For Cycling

Next is a rather special type of vehicle, they use electricity to affect the engines. An electric cycle is a bicycle with a motor mounted to the frame at the bottom of the bike or on the rear wheel axle. They will support the pedals and add more power to the pedals, so you also have to build up force by pedaling a few times to give the cycle propulsion.

On the market today you can find ebike versions of road cycles, mountain bikes, hybrids and folding cycles, all of which are great for making your commute easy, supporting climbing mountains.

Adventure bike for cycling

How To Choose Good Bike For Cycling

This is also a cycle built on a road cycle, with a lightweight frame design and reduced handlebars, but they have been carefully and tweaked in terms of geometry and large tire clearance. more to allow cycles to run on off-road roads. In addition, they often have a more robust frame design, including treads with tread grooves to grip more grass, mud and gravel, and mounting points for adding fenders and luggage.

It is known that Cyclocross is a type of bicycle racing, they will almost put the cycle and rider in a difficult position, but the design of the adventure cycle is very suitable for long distances on rough surfaces. rough so the bike will tend to have a more upright position. Besides, this type also comes with different types of suspension to increase comfort and grip.

Free bike for cycling

How To Choose Good Bike For CyclingA type of bike for cycling that is very popular with all ages and for those who have little time after working hours. They are called a lifestyle and city bike. They are designed for short weekend periods or the familiar routes you take to work every day.

Usually they tend to be lightweight aluminum frames, so moving the bike when away from work or at home will be very easy. Sometimes some bikes even have a front basket to help you keep your essentials.

2. Determine your purpose of use

You have passed the stage of choosing a bike type and model, but the important thing that connects the two is what is the purpose of the bike? Exercise or leisure. Will you be cycling on long or short routes, high or low terrain, are there obstacles on the way?

If you are a bike enthusiast, you can invest in your own health and bike performance for long-term use. Conversely, if you rarely ride your bike or stop only occasionally for fun, you can also choose a bike that is friendly to your personal budget.

3. Choosing materials of bike for cycling

How To Choose Good Bike For Cycling

Except for factors such as location, brand, and vehicle type, another factor that also contributes to the choice of vehicle material is the material. There are many different materials on the bicycle market today, but which one is right for you? Starting from steel, to aluminum, to carbon fiber and finally to titanium. Anyway, the choice of car you do not need to put on the scale with the quality of each material.

  • Steel: Steel is known to be a popular material used to build bikes from manufacturers. They function to create comfort and strength, and are durable. In addition, steel is also easy to repair because steel can be forged when bent and dented. Very suitable for race tracks, easy to find and replace, nice design. However, they are also very susceptible to rust when frequently used in a humid climate.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is a light and hard material that does not rust as easily as steel. Usually they will design a wider frame because aluminum is a bit less durable. Ideal for touring or winter biking and is generally reasonably priced. But it does not bring comfort because of the uniqueness of aluminum, on the contrary you can add a carbon seat or fork which can help improve comfort.
  • Carbon fiber: Carbon fiber is similar to aluminum which is very light and strong. Not only that, they are known to be non-metal so they are very useful when designing bike frames. Because they can create a variety of aerodynamic shapes and are tuned to increase stiffness. And they have a long service life but when subjected to strong impacts such as bending and denting, the carbon fiber frame can crack. Especially because they are very rare, almost all carbon fibers have to be imported, so they always have a high price.

4. Valuable

How To Choose Good Bike For Cycling

Cost is also an important factor when choosing a bike for cycling, along with the choice of material for the bike frame. Many prices are offered by brands depending on your financial and usage needs for the product you intend to buy.

Prices under $1000 will have steel or aluminum frames but used once. Over $1000 will also have all the materials you need. Higher user demand will often go hand in hand with comparable prices, so your decision should always be heard from the store.

5. Components of bike for cycling

After the frame material, then there are three accessories to know when choosing the bike for cycling: gears, brakes and wheels. Usually the gear and brake system will be put together, and that includes of course other components like chains, belts, derailleurs and levers among others.

  • Gear: The first important thing when choosing gears is to see if they are suitable, gears will consist of a bottom gear low enough to get you up the hill and an upper gear high enough to allow you to reach the top. suitable speed without much effort. Most bikes will have a front chain and a back band. Front chainring will be available in single to three gears. As for the rear belt with up to 10 or 11 speeds, the characteristic factor of the gears is not the amount or the little, but the ratio.
  • Brake: There will be two types of brakes: rim brake and disc brake. Rim brake is a commonly used type and is usually mounted above the wheel, in which there are two types of brake calipers, they are known as a mechanism mounted by a bolt and a cantilever brake, as well as a cantilever brake. There are two swingarms mounted on each side of the fork.

Disc brakes are located near the center of the wheel. You can see them on mountain bikes or road bikes. Currently, bicycles are designed for either rims or disc brakes, but also require different accessories such as fork clearance and wheels.

Disc brakes have the function of increasing the range of action, like if we put them close to the center of the wheel, they are not affected by the realness of the wheel. In contrast, they are less affected by mud and grit. On the other hand, disc brake rotors are made of stiffer materials, from which the pads can be designed for more durable use. For inclement weather, the disc brakes are designed to be lighter to handle braking.

  • Wheel: Similar to brakes, the choice of wheels also affects more or less the type of bike you choose such as mountain bikes and mountain bikes, including the choice of brakes and gears, and vice versa. Because they will support and influence each other. Look for wheels that can hold 10 or 11 speed gears and different wheels for disc brakes or clinchers. When you choose the right one you don't need to worry anymore.


Choosing the bike for cycling is not easy if we do not have basic knowledge. Note when buying the bike at a store, ask the cycle installer to adjust the seat, inflate the tires, set up the suspension system will help you get the right bike.

If you are confused and don't understand how anypart works, ask them to show you, and make sure everything is safe and working properly before actual use. Above is the necessary information to help you better understand how it works and each type of cycle is suitable for each terrain. Thank you for reading the gearinstant article.

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