How To Use Bike Lock

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Bike locks are certainly essential on a cyclist's list. If you are new to cycling, you must have been so curious about how to use bike locks properly. However, this question is raised not only among the newbies, but also the experienced cyclists, since the market has been updating more new lock types.

No matter what team you are, we will now provide the complete answer to "How to use bike locks correctly". Keep track of our upcoming sections and don't forget to take note of crucial details. Now let's get started!

How To Use Bike Lock

What Is A Bike Lock?

A bike lock is simply a security supporter, mankind sure that your bike is safe from theft when it's not on your watch. This device's mechanism is to lock up one of the wheels and prevent the bike from moving. Hence, once you have used the bike lock, a theft stands barely a chance of stealing your bicycle.

But don't ever lower your guard. Thefts can always use a jigsaw, or sledgehammer and do some serious damage to the bike and lock. Therefore, if possible, you should purchase a thick metal bike lock and some additional accessories to guarantee 100% safety. Why risk your assets?

More about bike locks

Bike locks are made of metal, probably iron or steel in most cases. Before reaching the final consumption hands, a bike lock must adapt to a set of criteria and product testing processes to ensure they will perform as expected. Considering this aspect, bike locks are muchly trusted.

There are five types of popular bike locks on the market these days, which will be explained in detail below. Let's talk more about where and how much to purchase one bike lock. Usually, you can simply search and choose a lock online from sites such as eBay, Amazon, or Facebook Marketplace. Or else, going to the nearest biker shop is workable as well.

Purchasing a bike lock is surely not the most expensive. These locks vary from less than 10 dollars to more than 100 dollars. The most pricey locks nowadays often refer to U-locks, which are solid and 99% unbreakable.

How To Use Bike Lock

In this part, we will explain the lock types detailedly as promised so that choosing the right lock for you might get easier. Here is our explanation.


This lock type goes with the traditional keyhole. It will get troublesome when you accidentally lose your keys on the road. However, the lock works like a charm, and even some sledgehammers cannot do harm to this lock type, especially when you go for a high-quality item.

The safety of U-locks is up to 99,99%. Thus, the last thing to worry about is getting your bike stolen. But there is another drawback since the u-locks are often expensive to purchase. Some can even go higher than 100 dollars.

How To Use Bike Lock

Chain locks

Chain locks simply featured the chain appearance. But their core is from metal. They still work under the conventional mechanism. Some chain locks will go with the keyhole, some may work with the "password".

Chain locks are much more affordable than U-locks, but for sure, they may not compare to the U-locks when it comes to solidity. On the other hand, they offer so much more flexibility than almost any other competitors, and that's probably why chain locks are in favor of numerous shoppers.

How To Use Bike Lock

Cable locks

Cable bike locks are no doubt the most flexible and affordable item among the five. Nonetheless, keep in mind that cable locks can be the most vulnerable locks if you ask us. When you purchase a bike lock to prevent theft, we highly recommend you have additional solutions to ensure absolute safety.

How To Use Bike Lock

Combination locks

Combination bike locks are normally chain or cable locks with upgrades. They are no longer dealing with traditional keyholes, but go with digits. These locks can be excellent items for cyclists, particularly when the core is well-constructed and adapts to anti-cutting criteria. This lock type is surely going to our suggested list.

How To Use Bike Lock

Folding locks

Folding locks are quite unique, considering their appearances. They are quite flexible and highly portable. They are made of metal and have a low vulnerability, just like the U-locks. Such locks are definitely a worthy investment. If you are determining which lock type to add to the shopping cart, folding locks are on the list!

How To Use Bike Lock

How to Use A Bike Lock Correctly?

Now it is time to figure out how you can lock your bike correctly and make sure no theft can ever steal your asset. The guide is pretty simple and there is no reason not to spend some more time and effort to prevent your bike from being stolen.

1. Find a good spot that can lock up your bike

It is imperative to find an ideal spot to leave your bike. What we suggest is that you don't leave your bike at the commuter's spots. They may include train stations. Surprising as it can be, a crowded place such as a station is a perfect spot for thefts and pocket pickers.

Let your bike somewhere that is muchly exposed to public view (with pedestrians) is advised. Also, make sure the spot has fixed objects (to the ground and immovable). These features will help to lock your bike securely and leave you with a minor risk of losing the bike.

How To Use Bike Lock

2. Take the lock and start securing the parts

It's time to take out your lock and start locking up all necessary parts. For anyone who leaves their bike at unsafe places, take two locks. Why risk at this moment? The most important part you need to secure is the wheels. You only have to lock up 1 wheel. Pull the bike wheel and the immovable objects nearby together. Then you can lock the whole body if needed. Keep in mind that u-locks and folding locks are recommended.

How To Use Bike Lock

3. Add any supporting device if needed

As mentioned, especially for cable locks, you need additional supporters to make sure your bike is safe. You can use chain locks or u-locks to secure either the body or wheels. Or attaching an alert may catch the attention of pedestrians and cause the theft to leave your bike alone.

4. Consider and take out or secure any accessory

Should your bike have any removable detail (or it needs to be secure), consider that taking them away with you can be a good idea. Eventually, a bike cannot function properly under incomplete conditions.

5. Leave evidence of ownership (or warning)

Leaving ownership (or warning) is more effective than you have ever expected. A note or QR code of ownership as evidence may make the theft hesitant before he or she acts up towards your asset. Besides, in the worst case, you will get the evidence to get your bike back.

How To Use Bike Lock

More Ways to Secure Your Bike

If you are yet to be certain about your bike's safety, here are some more ways to secure your bike in the public:

  • Attach GPS or any tracker to your bike
  • Have an alert that runs off every time someone tries to damage the lock
  • Insert hidden cameras into the bike
  • Try to keep the bike indoors as much as possible

The Bottom Line

That's everything you need to know about how to use bike locks correctly. Hopefully, we are not getting into any dilemma, but we are prepared for the worst. As the saying goes, it is always better to prevent than cure. If you have any concerns, don't hesitate to drop us a message, and stay tuned to our blog. There are more tips for daily life incoming!

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