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How To Choose Cycling Saddles

By Jessie SwiftLast update: 2023-01-28

Cycling is known to be a fairly popular sport not only in daily life but also appearing in famous bicycle racing tournaments. Every part of the bike is important for increasing cycling ability and performance.

The saddle is the key to comfort even on rough roads during cycling. In general, bicycle saddles are similar to running shoes. There are many types and styles on the market designed to suit every individual and type of cyclist.

As mentioned above, there are now many brands producing with all different shapes, models and prices. So this problem still makes you confused when choosing which type of bicycle saddle is best for you. Besides, there is nothing random about the design of the saddle. Because they are associated with the structure and shape while designing the vehicle and the styling of the vehicle.

Along with the narrow long design helps cyclists exert force on their feet at high rpm; combined with a back that is wide enough to support the pelvis and minimally thick padding to absorb shocks when riding on rough roads. Since this issue is still confusing for you, we offer guidelines for identifying and understanding the construction and functionality of a cycling saddle, and information on how to choose a cycling saddle.

1. Types of cycling saddles

Racing of cycling saddle

How To Choose Cycling Saddles

The racing saddle is designed for freedom of movement and the outer construction is easy to remove stains. This type is usually thinner, stiffer and lighter than other types. During cycling, the riders will stoop low to limit wind resistance, most riders will sit with weight on the front part and shift to the feet and hands without having to put on the top saddle.

In addition, this racing saddle will have no nose or cutouts, which will help reduce pressure on sensitive tissues. Plus, they feature titanium or carbon rails to reduce weight. In particular, they are specially designed to allow you to move freely, without distortion.

Cruiser cycling saddle

How To Choose Cycling Saddles

The cruiser cycling saddle is built with the help of two ends and has extra amp padding. For this type of saddle, it feels comfortable when pedaling, and it is easy to control the pedal gently. In addition, they also provide multiple layers of cushioning, so it will create a smoothness when the cyclist moves.

In general, they have a vertical design of the handlebars, which means that most of the rider's weight is directly on the seat. Since you don't have to pedal as fast, you can have a wide saddle and padding to support your weight. With a banana saddle shape, combined with a long shell and high quality padding commonly used on children's cruisers and bicycles.

Comfort cycling saddle

How To Choose Cycling Saddles

The comfort cycling saddle features a wide, comfortable seat with thick cushions, especially designed for long-distance cycling with moderate pedal attachments. Best of all, thanks to the cushioning, it reduces shock when cycling through rough positions. This type of saddle is suitable for women because they have a wide seat, a shorter nose, and a lighter center.

Mountain cycling saddle

How To Choose Cycling Saddles

Depending on individual needs and desired type of cycling, there are many combinations to create comfort and meet the needs of the rider. As for choosing a mountain bike because they are very suitable and really necessary when traveling on rough terrain, this forces the rider and the whole body to move a lot to the back of the saddle when downhill or move forward when climbing.

Therefore, the mountain cycling saddle design is quite narrow with medium cushions for damping and blowing. The rear seat is shaped for easy backing and the nose has a downward slope to support forward movement. In addition, a hard saddle helps limit injuries when cycling in different types, notably pinching nerves.

Gender specific cycling saddle

How To Choose Cycling Saddles

Any bike gear or apparel is designed for all ages, men and women. In fact, women's hips will be wide and so are ischial bones, so women use wider saddles to support their many limbs. When choosing saddles for the male gender, use longer and narrower saddle models.

However, it is not necessarily so, because depending on the body of each person will choose the appropriate saddle. Sometimes some women will be comfortable in a slightly wider saddle with more pelvic support features, while others prefer a men's saddle, mainly for racers. Likewise, some men still have wider hips. Therefore, becoming in tune with your body is very important.

Gel cycling saddle

How To Choose Cycling Saddles

The gel cycling saddle is constructed with a gel layer that helps cushion the rider's bones and distributes weight evenly while sitting. The position of the saddle is designed in a vertical direction, so it is easy for you to see the beautiful scenery.

On the market, cushioned seats are often easy to irritate sensitive areas, and cause foot numbness when pedaling for long distances. Equipped with a gel saddle that has a shock-absorbing effect, shaping the contours more closely to the body. Although the gel material is heavier, the saddle can be designed in both light and heavy styles. The gel cycling saddle is great for weekend cyclists and short-distance cyclists.

Suspension cycling saddle

How To Choose Cycling Saddles
The suspension cycling saddle is a saddle with a suspension mechanism built into the underside of the saddle. They have the function of pausing the bike and the rider at the same time, when riding on uneven terrain. In particular, the saddle has a narrow structure and lightweight, so it is very suitable for use in mountain bikes and hybrid bikes.

Cutaway cycling saddle

How To Choose Cycling Saddles

The cutaway cycling saddle is a cutaway saddle, the main function of which is to reduce discomfort when the user sits up to avoid points related to itching, pain, and numbness. It is noteworthy that they are designed with the nose of the saddle deep into the groin area, so it can cause the above symptoms.

But to fix it you can remove the material from the top of the saddle, even the pressure points should be removed. Besides, there are still a few spots with cuts or holes. On the other hand, the cutaway cycling saddle is for mountain bikes, gels,...

In addition, the central grooves or cuts on the saddle not only help relieve soft tissue pressure in sensitive areas, but also reduce pressure on the perineum area for men or the pubic arch for women. However, choosing the right saddle also takes less time, and the number of tries to find the right saddle.

Wide / Cushion cycling saddle

How To Choose Cycling Saddles

Most of the time, using a wide saddle or adding cushions easily, affecting the process of light or heavy pedaling is partly from choosing the type of bike. The cushion cycling saddle will usually sit in an upright position, the handlebars are level with the saddle or a little higher, but mostly still put the entire body weight on the saddle. The saddle surfaces are designed to be evenly spaced on all sides, with spring support built into the underside of the saddle. Moreover, this is the heaviest saddle of its kind.

Leather cycling saddle

How To Choose Cycling Saddles

The leather cycling saddle is a saddle made of leather, with high aesthetics, the market price is more expensive than other types, the time of use is based on the protection process. This type is also prone to damage when exposed to wet weather so you should wrap them with plastic cover to increase their longer shelf life.

In general, the saddle weight is normal, the rear structure is wide. Moreover, the saddle is mounted on a metal frame and the leather seat has two functions of medium cushion and cover. Once fitted with a few bikes, they create contours that fit your body, which you can easily adjust.

Noseless cycling saddle