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How To Avoid Cycling Accidents

By Jessie SwiftLast update: 2023-08-27

It is estimated that in our country, every year, hundreds of people are killed and many others are injured in bicycle collisions. And among them, most of the accidents are caused by the behavior and attitude of bicycle users.

Therefore, it is very important to take measures to ensure safety when participating in traffic by bicycle. Please refer to the safe cycling rules we have summarized below. If followed correctly, it will definitely help you avoid unnecessary risks when participating in traffic.

How To Avoid Cycling Accidents

How To Avoid Cycling Accidents

Please ride a bicycle according to traffic laws

Just like other means of transport such as motorbikes, cars or even pedestrians. Bicycle users when participating in traffic also need to comply with general rules to ensure their own safety as well as others. Stay in the designated bike lane, stop at a red light, and absolutely obey the signs on the road.

In addition, you should also pay attention to the following issues:

  • Driving to the right of the lane: You should drive your bicycle to the right lane and do not ride in rows of two or three, it will be very dangerous.
  • If there is a car or motorbike turning, you can go to the middle lane.
  • Be careful with cars parked on the side of the road to avoid cars that suddenly open their doors.
  • It is absolutely necessary to stay away from the blind spots of drivers of cars, trucks, and containers.
  • Follow traffic lights or stop signs.
  • Do not drink alcohol while riding a bicycle.

How To Avoid Cycling Accidents

Please pay attention to observe and warn when riding

There are many cases where you obey the traffic laws, the dangers are still lurking for you. It is caused by drivers who don't follow the law, or simply people who drive but can't see you. Therefore, the best way is still to drive carefully, obey traffic signals and stay in the right lane.

On the other hand, you also need to be prepared to prevent or avoid bad situations in time. Since bicycles do not have signal lights, you can use manual signals before changing lanes or stopping. Aim to warn those around you. To signal a left turn, look behind you, then extend your left arm. To signal a right turn, raise your left arm perpendicular to your elbow or you can use your right arm by raising it straight and pointing to the right. To signal that you are slowing down or need to stop, extend your left arm down.

Keep a safe distance between you and other cyclists or vehicles. How safe is enough depends on how fast you are running. But to be safe, you should stay at least three meters between vehicles to handle situations.

If you ride at night, use the lights and reflectors to let other people spot you. Or you can choose to wear bright and reflective clothing, like yellow or green. Always look over your shoulder to make sure there are no obstructions. At the same time, you also need to make sure that the car's brakes are working properly.

Identify the way you are walking

The skill of observing your surroundings will help you to be sharp in situations. Should have comments about the roads you are going to help you and everyone safe!

Always be alert to the changes of the environment, the road around you.

Communicate your intentions to other drivers and cyclists as much as possible. Use the hand signals whenever you stop or turn.

Large trucks have many blind spots when turning, to avoid riding in blind spots.

Be on the lookout for things that can cause problems between cyclists and motorcyclists, such as searchlights and sharp turns.

Avoid actions that could cause a bike-to-bike accident, such as following too closely, poor communication, or distraction.

Be especially careful at intersections, many bike accidents happen here, you need a signal to ask for the way.

Drive confidently when participating in traffic, proactive in thinking and acting quickly to handle situations.

Regularly maintain the bicycle and maintain it in the prescribed time

Any vehicle needs regular inspection and maintenance, and so do bicycles, especially those that have been used for a long time. This is also a safe way to ride a bicycle.

The parts that need to be checked regularly are the brake system, the tire, the chain. Regular inspection and maintenance of the vehicle helps to limit accidents in emergencies or when traveling on steep terrain or bends. You can bring your bike to an authorized bike repair shop or equip your own maintenance tools.

Making sure the bike size is right for the length of your legs and body is also a safe way to ride a bike that users need to keep in mind. A suitable car helps you move freely and easily improvise when arising during the ride.

How To Avoid Cycling Accidents

Protect yourself by wearing a helmet while riding

If you want to stay safe while cycling, always wear a helmet to reduce the risk of head injury. Even minor incidents can pose threats of head injury. The brain is a fragile organ that often cannot be repaired, and such injuries can stay with you for a lifetime. So, wear your helmet properly whenever cycling for your protection.

How To Avoid Cycling Accidents

Choose the right outfit

Cycling clothing must be neat to help you feel comfortable and confident when moving. You should avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or skirts that are too long because it does not absorb sweat well, and it is easy to get in the way and cause falls.

In case you are traveling in bad weather conditions such as rain or cycling in the dark, you should wear light-colored, luminous clothes for the surrounding vehicles to recognize.

How To Avoid Cycling Accidents

Cycling with correct technique

Cycling with correct technique not only enhances training efficiency but also keeps those around you safe. You need:

Do not ride close to the curb because it is easy to cause the driver's pedal or foot to collide with the edge of the sidewalk.

Keep a distance of at least 1m between your car and other people's cars, this ensures the safety of vehicles when participating on the road.

It is necessary to speed up when going through an intersection because usually in this area there will be traffic lights controlling the flow of traffic.

How to ride a bike safely in difficult terrain

Remember not to use the brake pedal when cycling uphill. Because this activity might cause the front wheel to lift up and break.

Always looking for the short road ahead instead of the long one is the safest way to ride a bike. In fact, if you look far away, it is difficult to handle small obstacles that appear in short range.

When riding a bicycle, you also need to pay attention to clothing, always make sure to be neat and comfortable. You should not wear wide or long pants to avoid getting caught in the chain. Wear clothes that are good at wicking away sweat.

Should adjust gears during uphill and downhill properly.

Cycling with correct technique helps to keep the body healthy and slim, especially the lower body. You should learn proper cycling techniques to avoid foot cramps and pain. Because if you ride the wrong way, it can have a bad impact on the body such as the muscles of the arms, back and pelvis.

How To Avoid Cycling Accidents


Bicycles are a great means to help you practice sports, cycling is both good for health and environmentally friendly. However, you need to pay attention to how to ride a bike safely to have a fun and safe experience.

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