Different Types Of Fishing Vessels

Last update: 2023-01-28

As far as we are told, if a boat or vessel is used for fishing in lakes, seas or rivers and they are called fishing boats. Depending on the environment you choose, such as sea fishing or freshwater fishing.

Moreover, often large fishing vessels are required to fish in the deep sea because this is a type of fishing that most crew members like because they bring in profits with large volumes, but there are still many difficulties. towels during offshore fishing. While smaller vessels are intended for fishing in freshwater areas. In short, different types of fishing vessels are used for this purpose. In fact, fishing vessels are divided into three categories:

  • Recreational fishing vessel, the name says it all. Certainly this type is not intended for fishing; it is intended for recreational fishing purposes only on this vessel. They range from boats to large ships for you to choose from.
  • Commercial fishing vessel (industrial fishing vessel): used to capture fish and other seafood from contemporary fisheries for commercial profit. Their primary function provides a large amount of food for many countries around the globe, but also depends on the weather on what days are.
  • Manual fishing vessel (traditional fishing vessel): means a small-scale, low-tech fishing vessel owned by an individual; In general, these types of boats are also a competitor to commercial vessels because they generally supply seafood directly to local residents and not through a single distributor.

It is known that fishing vessels are one of the most prominent means of marine operations because they mostly supply and regulate demand with supply in the fisheries sector. Besides, today there are many types of fishing vessels operating in the marine industry, each with its own quality purpose

1. Fishing vessels trawlers

Different Types Of Fishing Vessels

This type of fishing vessel is one of the most popular forms of fishing vessels in use. As well as their surname, these trawlers are equipped with fishing nets that are suspended by support equipment and towed below the water at a depth suitable for towing and trapping.

In general, net trawlers are used to catch a wide variety of fish in most of the world. This type is only used for small-scale fisheries, sometimes trawlers also hit deep sea areas. According to the description, the fishing nets are hung on the piles and these poles pull the nets to the specified depths. To make the mesh, the main material is nylon, which helps the mesh not to be stiff and creates flexibility. In addition, the bottom of the net is connected by a chain thus adding gravity to the net can easily reach the seafloor and catch more fish. The extra power can be used if a heavy load is stuck. On the other hand, this fishing boat is further divided into two types Stern and Cutter.

Overall, these fishing vessels are equipped with an automated refrigeration system and the engine power depends on the load carried by the fishing nets. In addition, the refrigeration system is always maintained at the temperature optimum for fishing.

2. Non fishing vessels trawler

Below are highly efficient fishing boats with nets that cannot pull back against the seawater, and instead are fish caught in or swims into the net. There are nets over several kilometers long.

2.1 Seiners fishing vessel

Different Types Of Fishing Vessels

These nets are used to catch floating fish such as the Pelagic fish that are easily found near the surface of the water. The net used for this fishing vessel is the fin net because it is equipped with traps that trap the net from below when the fish grounds enter it. At first, the fin net is like a giant floating device, but when the fish enters the net, the lower part of the net closes, since they are essentially fish traps. Furthermore, these fish are supported by modern technological equipment to bring about a large yield and quality of fish.

2.2 Longliners fishing vessel

Different Types Of Fishing Vessels

This type of vessel is known for its long fishing line fitted in series, each with hundreds of hooks. In addition, the hook lines on the hook are called hooks. Almost the number of fishing lines supplied to the vessel is based on the number of crew members, the size of the vessel and the automation facility.

It comes to the distinction between different fishing boats and fishing boats. The fishing boat will use more fishing lines and the fishing boat will only use one really long line containing more than 1000 bait. In addition, fishing lines are deployed from the stern and automatic systems that help the vessel maintain its position and release the fish.

2.3 Tune clippers fishing vessel

Different Types Of Fishing Vessels

This is a specially equipped automatic fishing boat with poles and ropes. And these lines are attached to the live bait for catching saltwater tuna. In addition, the tune clippers have an automatic rotating mechanism to swing the tuna when caught in the storage position. In case the tuna is large, the player should pull out the tuna hook.

2.4 Gillnetters fishing vessel

Different Types Of Fishing Vessels

A gill net system is used for this type. The light trough can be tau driven or technology-assisted for more efficient fishing. In short, the relatively small level of fishing will use traditional techniques, but modern fishing techniques are used in large fishing.

2.5 Crabbers fishing vessel

Different Types Of Fishing Vessels

Fishing boats used to catch crabs are called fishing machines or fish trap boats because they are equipped with equipment to assist in catching crustaceans. Transporting these fishing aids, ships are always equipped with automatic windshields.

2.6 Drifters fishing vessel

Different Types Of Fishing Vessels

These fishing boats use drift fishing nets, mainly for towing and trapping fish. Because their nets fall into the water, like long curtains to pull and trap fish. Ideal for catching herring.

2.7 Factory ship

Different Types Of Fishing Vessels

One is considered a commercial vessel (factory vessel) because it resembles a floating fishing, processing, and storage plant. Chuang mainly for crab fishing, also known as fishing trap boat. Nearly all of the necessary procedures to be taken out of the shore are carried out by this type of vessel.

3. Saltwater fishing vessel

3.1 Walkaround fishing vessel

Different Types Of Fishing Vessels

These are a type of fishing boat and they are designed to prioritize an open cockpit, at the back of the boat with an easy-to-clean deck, fishing rod storage and navigation and fishing equipment at the lead. Typically small walking models between 18-20 feet, they will have enough cabins for a docking station and a portable toilet.

These days, walkaround models have evolved with a larger model, with both seats and even a showroom for cockpit entertainment, a larger cabin and a padded sun visor above the cabin in the nose area. ship. If possible with large walkaround models there is space for a cabin with vertical space, a full storage compartment, a bathroom.

3.2 Sports fishing yachts vessel

Different Types Of Fishing Vessels

A sport fishing yacht is a boat that combines relaxation and fishing and is also used as a fishing machine.

Sports fishing yachts often have large fuel tanks so it is advisable to make long trips. They have a boat-like structure that is designed to maximize seaworthiness and comfort, and depending on the size of the boat, the number of people on board and the number of fish available. The boat has plenty of comfortable space for you to relax and combine fishing. Although they tend to consume more fuel, they offer faster speeds, able to travel 30 mph or more.

3.3 Multi-hull power fishing vessel

Different Types Of Fishing Vessels

Multi-hull trains are designed to operate on two hulls. Technically speaking, pontoon vessels, open-deck vessels built on metal twin buoys, are also considered multi-hull electric vessels and three-tube buoys called tri-toons.

Besides, they offer more deck and cabin space, which tend to be more fuel efficient since they don't pull heavy objects. On the other hand, they are also very maneuverable because the motors are located far away to eliminate the need for bow thrusters. In particular, they limit sea sickness.

4. Pontoon fishing vessel

Different Types Of Fishing Vessels

Vessels are popular in many places because they offer many other uses such as water sports, swimming, and day excursions. However, there are still some pontoon vessels with fishing activities. Due to their large engines, there are large pontoon vessels and small pontoon vessels.

Some places have more fishing buoys than others. First, they are very simple and stable enough to be comfortable enough because they hold a large number of people and they make a great fishing rig. In addition, modern fishing pontoon vessels have all the fishing accessories that need to be built in, from fishing rod racks to aerated live rigs to fishing boxes.

5. Freshwater fishing vessel

5.1 Fish and ski vessel

Different Types Of Fishing Vessels

It is a great combination of fishing boat and ski boat to support both fishing and water sports. Most of them are designed for freshwater use and there are two general types which are family bowrider-based or fishing-powered deck boats and fishing boat-based ones such as seabasses. Efficient ski boats are hybrid boats designed to extend the function of the base boat and satisfy time relaxing on the water.

5.2 Center console fishing vessel

Different Types Of Fishing Vessels

Center console fishing vessel is a vessel with a steering station on the control panel in the center of the vessel, with open deck space or seats on the bow side and aft of the stern. With this design extremely versatile and while most people envision a fishing vessel on the center console when discussing the genre, in practice, the center console could be ideal for many activities.

5.3 Bass fishing vessel

Different Types Of Fishing Vessels

The bass fishing vessel is not a versatile fishing skill. The characteristics they are influenced by the design are effective for bass fishing, such as the low profile, the maximum molded floor and minimized seats, in short they will not be useful for other activities.

In fact, bass vessels are often built in a competitive fishing direction, with outstanding features such as a large live well where you keep the fish alive during a tournament to drop after weighing, many high-end fish machines, fishing positions for anglers and high speed performance for you to achieve success. Thanks to these features you can use them for a variety of fish you want to catch, such as lakes and rivers where sea bass often lurk.

On the other hand, they have a lot of horsepower at speed control, and some high-end bass boats specially designed for the bass fishing competition will leave the dedicated speedboat.

In terms of the deck layout of a bass vessel, often serious bass fishermen tend to fish in pairs, so the entire deck and aft deck are arranged for one fisherman. Although this does limit the number of people who can fish.

6. Multipurpose fishing vessel

Different Types Of Fishing Vessels

In addition to the multipurpose fishing vessels, they are designed to be used for any type of sailing adventure. In particular, these fishing boats can be used in all types of water, from rivers, lakes to bays.

In addition, fishing rod racks can be between workpieces or try multi-line fishing, bait trays, and built-in storage boxes help keep your fishing gear organized. On the other hand, they are also used for skiing and tubing, something that everyone loves because the multipurpose ships are suitable for activities like water skiing or pipe pulling. Almost all of them include small fishing vessels , you can clip zippers, back ladder to climb and get off the vessel. Furthermore, the ship features a swimming platform, detachable towing accessories and other accessories.

7. Aluminum fishing vessel

Different Types Of Fishing Vessels

Aluminum fishing vessels come in a variety of sizes and designs to suit all fishing situations, but what is particularly special about this type of vessel is fishing near shore, in shallow waters and in reservoirs, wharves and rivers where it can collide with stumps, rocks. But the natural crash could affect aluminum fishing boats. However, for young people they are less concerned by these collisions but in contrast to the person who bought the boat, they are different.

In addition, an aluminum vessel has a 12-foot model, weighs less than 200 pounds and can be transported without a trailer, on a roof rack or on a truck bed and powered by a gasoline or electric engine. Very small mobility or paddle with paddle, can carry two people.

7. 1 Jonboat fishing vessel

Different Types Of Fishing Vessels

Also a great aluminum fishing vessel for navigating very shallow waters is the flat bottom jon boat, which will glide across the water at speed and, depending on the boat size, it will only suck a few inches of water when stopped. .

7.2 Mod-V and Deep-V fishing vessel

Different Types Of Fishing Vessels

Belongs to the aluminum fishing vessel. It is used in saltwater environments and they are based on a Mod-V-style boat but may have a center console and white paint. They are available as a light jet or bay boat. Sometimes the smaller types are also very simple with only a bench inside the bare hull, while the large Deep-Vs are set up as multi-species or walleye-style fishing vessels with full decks and seats. , plus a storage compartment and lots of other gadgets, a windshield for weather protection. On the other hand, some Deep-V aluminum boats can be constructed as a ski boat, perfect for family rowing.


In general, fishing vessels must be designed according to standards and on the basis of a sustainable development concept. In addition, fishing vessels must meet the domestic and export demands of the country. Fishing not only provides fresh food, but also creates many job opportunities for everyone. The market today combines fishing with recreational activities to avoid boredom so you can not only experience fishing but also relax. However, it must also depend on many factors, especially personal and financial goals to be able to choose a reasonable fishing vessel.

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