Different Types Of Bike Pumps

Last update: 2022-09-18

If you're planning to buy a new bike pump, it's important to determine the type of hose inside your bike. Usually the hose is inflated through the valve and there are two standard types of valves such as Schrader and Presta.

Schrader valves will be widely used and can be found on cars, hybrids and children's bicycles. As for the van presta, you can easily see most of the terrain and road bikes. Almost the faucet of the Presta valve is longer and thinner, the ends are threaded.

If you're wondering what type of valve is best for inflatables, invest in different types of bicycle pumps that will have heads that fit either type of tire valve.

1. Types of bike pumps

1.1. Standard bike pump

Different Types Of Bike Pumps

This is a standard bike pump and is suitable for beginners, or intermediate and experienced riders. If you have always been inclined to cycle, this is definitely the type of bicycle pump you are familiar with.

1.2. Standing bike pump

Different Types Of Bike Pumps

Also known as floor pump or track pump, there are many other names used to describe its function. With a design that stands upright, on the floor and keeps cyclists on track.

What's more, it is also the most popular bicycle pump because of its fast, efficient and easy to operate nature. Features include a stand to secure it, a handle for user comfort, a locking head to prevent air leaks, an extra gauge to determine pressure when needed, synthesize a long tube assembly for the valve except for some hard to reach and large chamber for maximum air transfer.

1.3. Mini pump or hand bike pump

Different Types Of Bike Pumps

Virtually small, portable pumps can be the ways to respond in emergencies. With a mini pump design, it's compact, lightweight and designed to take on trips. In general, all models have mounts that allow mounting to your bike's frame. What's more, they are very convenient, but also not needed for many cases, this requires more effort from you to inflate the tire and create more pressure on the valve that the bike has, be careful as it leads to a leak of rust.

1.4. Frame bike pump

Different Types Of Bike Pumps

It is designed to be attached to a bicycle frame. You can see more on the steel track and touring bike. It's also a more efficient version of the hand pump, which deflates tires when you're away from home.

1.5. Specialized bike pump

Different Types Of Bike Pumps

Bicycle pump for enthusiasts and experienced professionals. However, they are more expensive but offer many features and add-ons specific to different cycling needs.

1.6. CO2 bike pump

Different Types Of Bike Pumps

This is also a CO2 inflatable with a small, light design, easy to carry. It can help to maintain a flat tire while riding. You make repairs quickly and without spending as much time, effort as a traditional manual pump. The perfect CO2 inflator for racers.

However, they are also less practical for the casual cyclist as it requires wasteful aluminum cartridges and increases costs over time. Note that CO2 leaks faster than air, and if you run out of cartridges, you're out of luck.

1.7. Hybrid bike pump

Different Types Of Bike Pumps

This is a hybrid pump that combines a CO2 pump and a hand pump. It is very convenient if you take a long trip.

1.8. Shock bike pump

Different Types Of Bike Pumps

The damper pump is specially designed for mountain bikes with air suspension. They mainly provide a very high pressure output with minute volumes. In general, models have a maximum pressure of 300psi.

1.9. Electric bike pump

Different Types Of Bike Pumps

If you want to reduce the manual labor aspect of inflating bicycle tires. They are mainly used at home. What's more, it also tends to be more expensive but also offers a built-in digital gauge for accurate pressure measurement. Very suitable for household inflatable equipment including car tires, air mattresses, swimming pools.

2. Pump heads and bike valves

Common types of valves include Schrader and Presta. Usually bicycle rims can only be compatible with one or the other, so you should not put a Presta tube on a Schrader rim, and vice versa, even physically impossible. Many people use double valve heads that have separate slots for each valve model, adjustable valve size, or an attachment that allows you to switch between the two types of valves.

3. Size of bike pumps

Usually size is of little concern with home pumps, when you buy a portable model, it should determine how to carry the pump during the trip and how much space it takes up.

4. Weight of bike pumps

The less pump the heavier it is, making it easier to ride with it attached to your bike. If it is small and lightweight, it can take a lot of work to operate.

5. Construction of bike pump

With quality material comes the price. However, you should buy a product that is more durable, lasts longer, and is replaced less often.

Measurement accuracy

Bicycle pumps add pressure gauges on the hand pump, however floor pumps and all shock pumps still have one. The pressure indicators are required to go with mountain bike tires.

6. Volume of bike pump

High volume pumps are convenient for mountain bike tires because they require a larger volume and lower pressure. Furthermore, the larger the pump volume, the less pump needed to achieve the desired pressure.

7. Pressure of bike pumps

Different Types Of Bike Pumps

The higher the pressure pump, the worse the gauge. Most dirt bikes are no more than 40psi. Usually the mass output level decreases with higher pressure of the pump.


Through the above information about the different types of bike pumps that we provide. You can understand better.

About the popular bike pumps you can apply on your bike.

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