Benefits of Hand Pumps for Cycling

Last update: 2022-09-20

Cycling has recently become one of the most popular outdoor activities taken due to its transport advantages and health benefits. By and large, in 2021, as we have more time for our development in terms of both mentally and physically, we tend to follow healthier lifestyles and create habits to establish them gradually.

In case you are going to pick cycling as your daily exercise but haven't got any pieces of information about the supporting tools that may come in handy while doing it, this is your must-read article! In this article, we would inform your detailedly about the benefits of a hand pump for cycling. Hence, give it a glance and have fun while doing your daily exercise!

1. About The Hand Pump

Benefits of Hand Pumps for Cycling

Pumps work as a supporting tool whose function is air displacement, and it was designed to inflate bicycles tires when necessary. A hand pump is a common tool used by numerous cyclists, and it was invented and used as early as the 19th century. In the 21st century, we have got some more portable versions of the traditional hand pumps.

A hand pump uses mechanical forces to displace the air in our bicycle tires. Hand pumps look like this, in case you haven't seen or used one before:

Hand pumps, like any other tools that have gone into use, are designed in numerous shapes and colors. The manufacturers making cycle pumps also appear more in the market these days to meet the need for such equipment. So now, let's get further to the benefits that hand pumps can provide users.

2. Hand Pumps Are Easy to Operate for Anyone

Benefits of Hand Pumps for Cycling

As mentioned in the previous section, hand pumps operate as we apply mechanical forces to displace the air into our bicycle tires. This regulation is easy to comprehend and would create no difficulty for you when taking a hand pump along as a supporting tool.

Since they are operated on the forces you make, there should be a much lower chance that you engage in any technical issues as you get a hand pump for cycling. Many people have chosen hand pumps because of the user-friendliness of hand pumps.

Nonetheless, a number of cyclists still assume that hand pumps are not effective and won't be giving you the best results compared to other pumps in the market. This is so misleading since hand pumps will give you the maximum amount of air in your tires as long as you have pumped for the period needed.

Moreover, besides its easy-to-use feature and effectiveness, numerous cyclists have picked hand pumps for the other reasons as below. Hence, if you are considering which pumps to take when taking part in cycling, hand pumps are one of the go-for. Please keep track of us till the very end of this article!

3. Hand Pumps Has The Advantage of Price

Benefits of Hand Pumps for Cycling

Hand pumps, in many people's opinion, have gone old-fashioned, and they wonder if hand pumps are worth the monetary value spent for their usage as a bicycle supporting tool. From our perspective, hand pumps are absolutely worth the money spent.

We assess these pumps as affordable for many people, and as we have discussed, they can provide you with the maximum results as long as your tires are pumped throughout the compulsory time. For an effective but cheap product, why do you claim that the question set is if a hand pump is of equal value to the money spent? For us, it should be which manufacturer provides the best hand pump or who can provide me with a high-quality bicycle hand pump.

You would be finding a ton of hand pumps on shopping websites such as Amazon with countless brands for very distinguished price ranges. As a result, you can get the most suitable products based on your demands and affordability, even though we would say that hand pumps are of no online luxurious stuff.

4. These Tools Are Portable

Benefits of Hand Pumps for Cycling

Because of their lightweight and sizes, hand pumps are so easy to take with you on cycling trips. The average weight of a traditional bicycle hand pump is approximately 3.7 pounds. However, that is just the common weight of a traditional one. Many versions of hand pumps have been invented and innovated, and some of them just weigh about 121 grams.

Due to this feature, various cyclists did not hesitate to go for a hand pump. In comparison to another pump type, for example, a CO2 tire inflator, a hand pump weighs just the same. When it comes to the lightweight feature, almost all modern pumps have this benefit for users. Therefore, you should not be worried about carrying a heavy pump around as you clearly never have to!

5. They Provide You with An Unlimited Amount of Air

Benefits of Hand Pumps for Cycling

Another question is raised on how much air a hand pump can provide you during the usage period. Our answer to this one would be "an endless amount". The operating regulation of hand pumps is that they take manual forces as input. This input helps the pump suck the air from the surrounding environment to inflate your tires when applying. The output, as we all know, is the air displaced into your bicycle.

The hand pumps, as well as any other kinds, take the air from outside and do not classify whether the air taken in is oxygen or dioxygen. Air is a forever-existing element around us, so how could it run out?

This gives a quite evident explanation to the answer that pumps can get us an unlimited amount of air during usage, and hand pumps are no exception to our situation.

6. The Maintenance Cost Can Go As Low As Zero!

Benefits of Hand Pumps for Cycling

Unlike some bicycle pumps, hand pumps would cost you barely any coins on maintenance fees. This is probably one of the deciding factors for consumers to purchase a hand pump. Let's take a glance at the CO2 inflator we have spoken of in the above part.

This pump can outplay the hand pump in terms of effort and time invested when pumping tires, but the CO2 inflator has some ongoing fees, which can be a concern to many people. Bicycle pumps, in general, are not luxurious items nor necessary ones for many people.

Consequently, people would prefer not to pay so much money for just a pump, no matter how effective or productive it can be. Many would rather pay less and they may spend a bit more time if their tires are a bit flat. Adding to this, a flat tire is not an everyday story for many cyclists.

So what is the to-do list when maintaining a hand pump? It is just simple as it sounds: all you have to do is to guarantee that your pump does not freeze because of the prolonged period without use. Also, you should keep it clean for the best user experience.

7. Some Notes to Remember When Using Hand Pumps

Benefits of Hand Pumps for Cycling

It's so pleasant for us that we have accompanied you till these lines. We nearly reached our destination in this article! In the remaining section, we are going to inform you of some notes that may come into use after you have purchased a hand pump.

A hand pump may take you a bit longer to fully inflate your tires as it operates on manual forces created, but there is no need to worry about the result as aforementioned. Another note to take away is that some hand pumps may lead to inner leaks, so you need to choose carefully before purchasing one. Nevertheless, there are versions invented that have prevented this problem.


Our article has reached its final words. We are delighted to accompany you throughout this reading of Benefits of Hand Pumps for Cycling and hope that you have gathered some useful information about this bicycle supporting tool. We hope that you are all doing well in this pandemic and keep up a healthy lifestyle!

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