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How To Remove Carpet Stains In Car

By Jessie SwiftLast update: 2024-02-13

The interior of a car or truck will inevitably become dirty if it is used frequently, especially the automobile carpet. If you include kids or animals, things can grow worse. You probably don't give your car's carpet much thought outside of the occasional vacuuming because you assume that it will take care of most stains and odors.

Regardless of how meticulous you are, the more time you spend in your car, the greater the likelihood that you may develop stains on your carpet. They will range in size and seriousness, much like other kinds of spots inside your car. Car floor mats are an essential addition to your favorite vehicle. So I want to teach you the fastest and most convenient way to remove stains from your car carpet.

How To Remove Carpet Stains In Car

Car carpet construction

A carpet set is composed of various carpet pieces. The floor mats that come with each car model are unique; no two forms are the same. The set of floor mats will often comprise pieces for the driver's seat, passenger's seat, second row, or third row of seats in 7-seater vehicles.

Normally, floor mats are sewn according to the design of the car floor. Simply place the mats in their places, then insert the locks into the gaps. Safety, sturdiness and aesthetic standards for floor coverings must all be met. Standard carpets won't do, and absorbent, slip-on materials won't work either.

How to remove carpet stains in car

The extent and seriousness of stains might vary. For instance, spills of coffee or soda, as well as oil or dirt carried by the bottoms of sneakers (or paws), might cover a sizable portion of the carpeting inside your automobile. Colorful crayons squashed into the carpeting, pen ink, melted chocolates, chewing, mud, and oil are some of the smaller, more difficult stains to remove. However, if you use store-bought remedies every time you need to solve the issue, it might end up being pretty expensive. A far cheaper and more efficient alternative is to make your own DIY carpet stain remover for cars.

How To Remove Carpet Stains In Car

Cleaning up generally

Your car can be thoroughly cleaned.

Take everything out of the car's floor before beginning the carpet cleaning. Allow plenty of space for your elbows when working. Give yourself a better view of any dirt, grit, debris, or other substances that may be hidden by personal belongings.

Circumvent the stain with a vacuum.

The smallest carpeting attachment on your vacuum, if it has one, should be used. Unless otherwise specified, utilize its regular-size carpet attachment in those locations. To avoid accidentally rubbing loose dirt and debris into the stain, just detach that and use the vacuum's hose to suction up the debris.

Apply a cleanser and scrub.

To ensure that the carpet dries quickly, clean your automobile on a warm, sunny day. Add 1 cups clean distilled white vinegar and a few drops of detergent solution to the bucket. then add 1 gallon of hot, clean water. Use the solution to wet a strong bristle brush before firmly rubbing the carpet to ensure that all of its fibers have been penetrated. More often than not, using too little soap is a mistake because, if any residue is left, it will act as a surface for filth to adhere to.

Carpet drying

Whenever possible, utilize towels for household projects if you have any extras. Use thick cotton rags instead of towels or any other item that is as flimsy. Once you've drained out as much wet as you can, pat the carpets dry while switching towels as necessary.

Vacuum once again.

Give your carpeting another once-over with the vacuum but it should be clean by this point. absorb any water that your towel wasn't able to reach or absorb. For a cleaner appearance, have the carpeting finders stand at attention.

How To Remove Carpet Stains In Car

Taking Care of Stains

The stain can be clean as quickly as possible.

Make cleanup simpler if you spilled something that may be challenging to clean up by acting quickly. Very soon as you can, pour ample water to completely soak the area. Before it has the time to embed itself and become dry, dilute the unwanted substance.

If stains are persistent, try glass cleaning.

Pour glass cleaner on the stains in place of the soap mixture if your soaps, alcohol, and vinegar solution isn't potent enough to get rid of all of the stains. Give it about five minutes to sink into the carpet. After that, pat the area dry and absorb the moisture using a sponge or thick fabric.

Vomit should be diluted with soda water or baking soda paste.

The acidity of vomit can quickly damage your carpet, so whenever someone throws up in your car, neutralize the acidity by diluting it with club soda rather than plain water. All you'll have is plain water, mix baking soda with it to produce a paste, then apply it to the affected region. But if neither of those things are available, simple water is still preferable to none.

Use a paste of laundry starch to remove blood stains.

Pour into a container the appropriate amount of dry wash starch to clear the stain, depending on its size. Then, after stirring to blend, add only enough cold water as needed with a thick paste. Wait for it to dry after applying this to the stain. Once it has dried, remove it with a vacuum or brush.

Apply cornmeal to oil stains.

Pour enough cornmeal over the stain to completely cover it. To remove the oil from the carpet, let it sit overnight. Then, when dawn comes, vacuum it up. If it doesn't, try this.

How To Remove Carpet Stains In Car

Eliminating Odors

Use borax to neutralize general scents.

Apply a lot of borax to your carpet. After that, give it about an hour to take the smell in. Vacuum the borax up after that.

Discover enduring sources.

After using the borax remedy, if your car still smells funny, go hunting. Look inside any pockets, compartments, under cushions, under the seating and floor mats, and wherever else that might have something hidden. If you identify the odor's origin

If you can't find the source, get your car checked out.

If your search for the stench's source comes up empty, the smell may be coming from the car itself. Pop the hood and examine it yourself if you are familiar with the parts of your car and how they operate. Otherwise, take it to a service center so a technician can identify the issue.

How To Remove Carpet Stains In Car

You can select from a variety of pre-treatment techniques as well as cleaning techniques for the remaining carpet surface. You could either use a professional cleaning service or a home upholstery cleaner depending on the type of stain you have.


When your automobile carpeting needs to be positioned and refreshed, you do not have to reach for just an expensive store-bought stain remover. Making a quick and easy homemade automobile carpet stain remover will yield results that are immaculately clean. You should always have vinegar, dish soap, and baking soda on hand. The key is to avoid saturating the discolored area with excessive baking soda or soapy solution. Otherwise, your carpets will become soaked and may take some time to dry. Additionally, if at all feasible, treating the stain quickly is beneficial. Cleaning carpets may become more difficult if you allow it to dry & harden.

We're here to help if you're short on time and could use some assistance cleaning your automobile. Why not arrange a professional auto detailing appointment with DetailXPerts? Our tried-and-true steam cleaning methods ensure a superior cleaning, including getting rid of any stains from the carpets in your automobile. Without using any chemicals, our steam cleaning process also gets rid of stains and odors.

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