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How to Choose A Racing Wheels

By Paul WalterLast update: 2023-02-07

For a while now, I've considered myself a bit of a connoisseur of virtual racing wheels. The rim serves as a link between you and the sim racing world and provides that crucial force input. A big part of the fun of sim racing is having a steering wheel that fits the bill and feels appropriate. Sim racers in general like collecting them as well. But how can you make a decision if you don't want to spend thousands of dollars on a sizable wheel collection? In this article, I'll explain how to pick the finest sim racing wheel for your simulator. With the help of this tutorial, maybe you'll discover how to choose a racing wheels.

How to Choose A Racing Wheels

Since we are all still learning, it's possible that you as a novice won't be able to distinguish between the wheelbase and the sim racing wheel. However, it's important to completely comprehend the item you are looking to purchase. I'll try my best to clarify and update you on the situation.


What kind of racing would you prefer to do the majority of the time? A formula-style rim would make sense if you wanted to replicate the cockpit of an F3 vehicle, which is kind of a no-brainer when it comes to Formula Racing.

  • A GT-style rim would also make more sense if you're interested in touring vehicles and GT racing. Alternatively, you might want to try a hybrid wheel.
  • A "GT Style" sim racing wheel typically consists of the following components:
  • Button Box / Buttons
  • driving wheel (rim)
  • Hub and hub adapter for Paddles / Clutch QR (quick release)

A "Formula" or F1-style rim often has buttons on the faceplate, a button box incorporated into the grips, and a QR hub and adapter on the rear.

How to Choose A Racing Wheels


Although it's not very common, you can put a rim directly onto a hub without a button box if you prefer! Assignable buttons and rotaries are the way to go because the majority of drivers want to have some control over their software during a race.

You might not believe you need much more than paddles if you're new to sim racing. However, you may use your wheel as a very potent gaming controller.

How to Choose A Racing Wheels

A funky switch in anodized blue aluminum featuring a thumb rotary, conventional rotary, and lighted momentary push button is seen up close.

Every steering wheel we are aware of has at least one of the following purposes assigned to it:

  • Enter/Exit Vehicle (momentary push button)
  • biased brakes (rotary)
  • ABS (rotary) (rotary)
  • pit restrictor (momentary button)
  • On/Off ignition (toggle switch if available)
  • engine start/stop (toggle switch if available)
  • flashing headlight (momentary push button)
  • Black box previous/next (rotary or funky switch)
  • Choose a control from the black box (rotary or funky switch)
  • Values that increase or decrease (rotary or 2 x momentary buttons)


The standard unbending rule is Fanatec wheels exclusively on Fanatec wheelbases, starting with Fanatec. This isn't totally accurate, however, as you can install almost any wheel rim to your wheelbase using the Fanatec Podium Hub or the corresponding component from Sim Racing Machines.

How to Choose A Racing Wheels

The fact that Fanatec is committed to maintaining wheel compatibility with just their own wheels means that attaching, for example, a Cube Controls wheel on a Fanatec wheelbase is a little challenging.

Hub length is greatly increased when a Cube Controls wheel is put on a Fanatec Podium Hub. Although not difficult, this approach is not the best one. It might be annoying to lose the option to adjust the wheelbase via the steering wheel. In any event, the higher-end Fanatec wheels are quite excellent quality, particularly the F1 LTD edition line, which I suggest for owners of Fanatec wheelbases if you can get one on eBay. A Simucube may be mounted to nearly anything using their SQR or QRX hub.

Cube Controls wheels come with a hub adaptor attached to the rear of the wheel, which is rather practical. They have either a 50mm PCD or a 70mm PCD pre-drilling. Since half of the holes are threaded, fitting is rather easy.

Just make sure the PCD specifications are accurate if you want a hub extension like the one seen above; it is a 70mm PCD extension.

Wired or wireless?

A function of Simucube is called Wireless Wheel Technology. Although the signal is encrypted, it is essentially very similar to Bluetooth, therefore in order to use the compatible Wireless wheels, you must own a Simucube.

How to Choose A Racing Wheels

A number of the cube Controls wheels we now carry at G-Performance as well as the Ascher Racing wheels, identified by the model code "SC," both come in wireless versions.

Wireless is practical because a USB cable is not required! The Wireless wheel will only operate on your Simucube because it is not USB compatible as a PC gaming controller. This is one of its few minor drawbacks.

There is a strict limit on the number of buttons and paddles in the Wireless versions, thus there won't be an analog clutch and there may be fewer buttons.

Displaying wheels

More sophisticated wheels include the Cube Controls Formula CSX 2, which has a vibrant 4.3′′ LCD screen set up to be compatible with Ultimate Gametech Manager. Many custom sim racing wheels feature displays that function in Simhub. The data being immediately available to you, especially the lap delta, best lap time, position, shift, and rpm lights, are all aspects that help you feel fully involved in the virtual world.

Guidelines for Racing Wheels

The racer should take a few factors into account while selecting a pair of wheels. What kind of race or series are you going to participate in? A weekend Street Stock racer would prefer to give up a little weight for the increased strength and longevity, but an IMCA Late Model squad might need the lightest wheel available. Since they offer the highest strength and lowest weight, wide-five wheels have long dominated the circle track market, whether it is for Late Model or Asphalt racing classes.

The quality, structure, and safety of the wheel should be given the utmost consideration while weighing your selections. Make sure the wheels you buy adhere to the specifications of the track rules set out by your sanctioning organization. To find out how a certain wheel may fit your racing demands, you can always get in touch with a Speedway Motors tech representative.


Wheels may occasionally be fixed, but for the most part, fixing a bent rim is just a temporary solution. Around the center bolt part, close to the lug nut region and rim shell, you may look for fractures or fatigue. Replace the wheel if any component exhibits evidence of severe wear. You may remain ahead of the pack and keep racing safely if you do routine maintenance, watch for symptoms of stress and strain, and replace wheels as needed. Hope above information will help you to know more about how to choose a racing wheel.

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