How To Clean Your Headphones

Last update: 2023-07-20

You should frequently scrub them for both hygiene and security purposes, whether you've got over the ear or in ear headphones. That is especially valid when you use your headphones, as so many of us do, during exercise.

The cups will grow in sweat and make them smell awful. Ear wax could block drivers and not only minimize noise, but also the quality of the signal. Then you can't see the whole dust like bacteria and other microorganisms that might get you sick. Clean headphones are much more hygienic than anything else.

You should switch anything else you've touched to your headphones when you are in the gym. It was revealed that viruses, including SARS-Cov-2, which cause COVID-19, live on plastic and other hard surfaces for up to three days. You will transmit the infection to others, or get infected with it by touching your lips, nose, or eyes if you touch an earbud that is dirty.

Research has shown that headphone raise percentage of bacteria in the ear, and if headphone are connected, they may be transmitted from one person to the other.

Some discussions before get into the main part

The way you clean your headphones is different. Many brands have simple to clean and reusable iron cups and cables which can be unplugged at both ends.

Some labels are not that easy to disinfect, so you have to make sure that you do not hurt them. Consult the cleaning guidelines of the maker if necessary. Apple, Beats and Bose are only a couple of the brands with essential cleaning recommendations.

To make sure your headphone that cleaned effectively, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • A soft damp fabric
  • Cotton balls
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • A paper towel or tissue

To do an unnatural looking test first if you are worried about ruining the fabric on your headphones. It is not possible that rubbing alcohol can completely affect the amount of leather or PVC you are using artificial leather. You don't have to wonder if the headphones are plastic or metal.

Follow these steps to clean your headphones

Step 1: Take the ear cups off the headphones to reach the below mesh better.

Step 2: Wipe off any stagnant grain or soil from the ear cups and the main headphone device with a smooth, damp rag. Get as much as possible as bugs and other nasties stick to soil.

Step 3: Moisten a cloth of paper or rubbed alcohol with the clean cloth. Clean both ear cups and other headphones on the floor.

Step 4: Moisten cotton ball and wipe any crannies with Rubbing alcohol.

Step 5: Stretch the headphones to their full size and scrub them well with a towel or fabric. Clean all switches, dials or remote dials that you can use. Please spend some more time in the field that you put on and take off the headphones.

Step 6: Squirt a paper towel or Q-tip and rub it over the main speakers with any alcohol. Let sure that no spots are missing.

Step 7: Do not hesitate to disinfect the mesh and the flexible arm with alcoholic substance, if the headphones have a microphone such as a gaming Headset.

Step 8: Wipe off any of the cables with both a paper towel and some alcohol, like rubber grip around the jack.

Before you join and use your headphones afterwards, dry the alcohol totally. It does not cause any line marks or residues if you let the isopropyl alcohol dissolve.

Cleaning In-Ear Headphones

Step 1: Drop with a soft, moist rag, all riders. Remove all dust or wax that are stuck in.

Step 2: Click on your wooden piece of wood to take away any earwax or dirt from the speaker mesh. Beware that you do not ruin the mesh.

Step 3: Check your fingers for some Blu-Tack (or similar stick) and then push it carefully to the speaker mesh. Remove dirt or wax easily and repeat till the speaker mesh is fresh. Clean speaker mesh will probably also enhance the quality of the sound!

Step 4: Dampen alcohol with a tissue paper or soft damp. Clean the driver entirely and also ensure that sensors are cleaned.

Step 5: Take a Q point and use it to completely clean the speaker mesh with a rubbing alcohol. It could wash away any stubborn grime that exists.

Step 6: Dampen a towel or wash alcohol sheet, and brush off any wiring, remote or rubber grip by the jacket.

Step 7: Before putting the headphones in your ear, let the alcohol dissolve fully.

Some hygiene tips that you may need to do

Clean your headphone everyday to keep it in high-end quality. Do not let each other dirt or ear wax grow up. Offer them a rinse, if necessary, with disinfectant wipes dependent on alcohol after each application.

Sharing headphones will bring new bacteria in your ears and enhance their natural order. The earphones are particularly earphones. A certain kind of bacteria uncontrolled growth can lead to a painful disease of the ear. Don't swap your headphones or earbuds with anyone else if you can.

Last but not least, make a decision to clean your ears. Medical practitioners consider using Q-tips or other sharp small items, so they could damage the eardrum.

You should rather wipe a clean, moist cloth on the outside of your ear channel. You should buy over-the-counter for the accumulation of earwax to soften it. Follow the box guidelines all the time. You may also purchase ear syringe kits that are used to flush the inner ear using warm saline.


And then you get it! Follow these basic steps whenever needed and your headphones will sound like fresh by the end of the time, maintain your ears always clean.

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