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How To Choose Running Shoes For Beginners

By Paul WalterLast update: 2023-07-21

When our customers and friends exercise in their expensive running shoes, they may experience injury, foot, toe, ankle or other pain. Not every shoe model a manufacturer makes will be suitable for every wearer. One person will find it comfortable, but not another. We haven't talked about aesthetics, but if you choose a shoe that doesn't match your foot type, it won't work as it should and is very easy to hurt when running. So check out how to choose the best running shoes for beginners.

How To Choose Running Shoes For Beginners

How to choose running shoes for beginners

Determine the type of foot on the ground to choose the right shoes for beginners.

Everyone's ground contact pattern will be different, but a tummy tuck is a way of sliding the foot inward to distribute the force. This is a really normal bodily function. People with excessive or insufficient foot contact are more likely to suffer a running injury because the arch of your foot can support and absorb three times your body weight. 60 percent of runners report having this problem. Therefore, determining your foot type is the first step to buying a pair of running shoes.

The most common foot types

We can easily distinguish these foot types when observing directly with the eyes.

Arched-inverted foot style:

  • The outer edge of the heel strikes the ground at a sharp angle, which prevents the foot from rolling in or causes it to roll out less (inside out) transfer of force to the legs is really strong.
  • Impact Absorption: Your toe absorbs impact less effectively than the foot's exterior.
  • Knee pain, foot splints, and ankle strains are common injuries.

Normal foot type:

  • When the foot hits the ground, it rolls inward (lifts up) and rolls out the heel to support the body's weight.
  • Impact Absorption: Evenly distributes pressure from the front of the foot
  • Injuries are less common, but they still occur.

Flat feet and low arch

  • The foot falls off the outside of the heel, rolls inward too much, and shifts weight to the inside edge of the foot instead of spreading it evenly on the ball of the foot
  • Impact Absorption: The big toe and second toe take more force.
  • Injuries: heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, and heel spurs.
How To Choose Running Shoes For Beginners

Choose the shoe style that best suits your foot type

If you are not sure about your foot type, you can buy a neutral shoe, which can meet most of your training requirements with exercises that are not too demanding or strenuous. It's not too intense for training.

Types of running shoes

  • Neutral shoes: For those who only do light exercise and best for those with medium legs (not too flat, maybe not too bent) or those who tend to rotate their feet out a bit. Unlike intermediate posts, this type often lacks built-in motion control elements.
  • Stability shoes: Shoes featuring a lot of side-to-side stabilizer bars and a high heel that can help control tilt (usually plastic, rubber combination). People with mild to moderately flat feet should use this model.
  • Motion control shoes: The most comfortable shoe for extremely flat feet is this one, designed to support larger weights in the heel and arch regions to correct excessive foot inflection. These shoes are often very hefty and robust, and they do not enable the foot to wander around very much.

Guide to Choosing Flat Feet Running Shoes

Running shoes for stability have a lighter, softer foam on the exterior and a slightly stiffer midsole under the foot's arch. As a result, it is feasible to decrease the influence of excess phenomena, absorb the most force from impacts, and support sustaining normal mobility.

How to choose running shoes for high arch feet

  • Cushioned running shoes-a running shoe with a suitable cushion
  • Neutral running shoes - a model for normal feet that can still meet the needs of high arch feet

How to choose running shoes for normal feet

Most running shoes can be used by those with normal feet without much thought. You should use Stability running shoes or Neutral running shoes

How To Choose Running Shoes For Beginners

Experience choosing running shoes for the first time for newbies

Understanding the aforementioned intended usage, we can deduce that a pair of running shoes must satisfy several fundamental criteria, such as enhancing your running comfort, in order to enhance speed by grasping flat or uneven ground. Non-binding, leg size, appropriate, embracing the shape of your foot while you run, suitable for your landing style, running shape, good adhesion, and aiding in preventing sliding.

How To Choose Running Shoes For Beginners

Choose running shoes according to your own feelings and decisions

Trust yourself completely in all you do in life, including your skills, judgment, and feelings. The greatest running shoes for you will depend on a variety of factors, most notably your budget, so choose a pair based on your preferences for color, style, brand, origin, and prestige, of the store, the vendor, and finally the cost

Limit buying running shoes according to other people's reviews

As you may already be aware, there is nearly always a significant risk associated with online product sales and purchases. Since online shoppers are prevalent in the running shoe and sports shoe industries, we observe a direct correlation between product quality and product quality. Only moderate to very subpar quality is offered. To get the most accurate look while selecting the best running shoe for you, you should try it on or use the product line first. Don't put too much faith in the aforementioned criteria because they are all provided merely for reference.

Always remember that you buy running shoes for yourself, not ask others to buy them for you

When choosing running shoes, you should not rely on others. Since each country has different foot sizes, different shoe styles are produced by different companies. Don't rush to put your shoes on and then take them off when you first buy them. You can walk, run, jump for as long as possible to ensure that your feet feel comfortable when wearing your new shoes. If your home or place of business has a treadmill, you should use it for a test run. This is one of the experiences to remember when choosing running shoes.

Purchase running shoes from running shoe stores.

Look for running shoe retailers that specialize in both running and athletic shoes as they will have more knowledge and be able to give you better advice beyond having a wide selection of models and merchandise. It also helps you choose and try on to get the right shoes.

Don't waste money, want cheap but buy poor quality running shoes

You get what you pay for, price always goes hand in hand with quality, brand name, quality but cheap price is very difficult. After a year of running, the benefits you experience far outweigh the cost of your running shoes. Remember that investing in your health is never expensive. You have to focus on the fundamentals of running shoes.

Buy running shoes according to purpose

If you don't have any experience in choosing running shoes for beginners or buying running shoes for the first time, you should buy popular shoes from popular shoe manufacturers first. This will help you avoid wasting money if you don't have enough. Since the original purpose is simply training, establishing good habits, promoting health and endurance, with little emphasis on results, if you buy a pair of branded shoes right away, it will be very expensive for exercise.

How To Choose Running Shoes For Beginners


A quality pair of running shoes not only gives you a great experience, feels light, airy, and comfortable, but also supports you, helps you accelerate when running marathons or other exciting races, and motivates you to join this sport. We hope that this post helps you properly identify and choose the best running shoes by drawing on our experience in the process.

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