Things You Should Know Before Choosing Sleeping Bags for Camping

Last update: 2022-05-22

Sleeping bags are one of the essential items to quickly open up and rest when you feel it is too dark to find a better place to stay, they are quite suitable for carrying on long trips. Overall a quality bag or a synthetic bag is not necessarily good for a mountain trip.

On the other hand, your satisfaction in choosing a bag depends not only on it, but also on the gasket and body temperature. Keeping warm isn't the deciding factor, however, but how well the inner insulation and the gasket you lie on are active.

So, before we start learning how to choose a sleeping bag, let's learn how to warm our body first. Note to stay hydrated because dehydration will reduce the effectiveness of your body's thermostat. What's more, you should also wear a warm hat first if the temperature is high. Finally, you want to learn some more tips on how to choose sleeping bags, please click on this page.

1. Types of sleeping bags

1.1 Sleeping bag shape

1.1.1 Rectangular sleeping bag

Things You Should Know Before Choosing Sleeping Bags for Camping

This is considered a traditional sleeping bag with spacious design and many sleeping spaces. They are rectangular in shape so you have plenty of space to lie down and are comfortable for those who like to hang around at night. However, the rectangular sleeping bag may be large, but the bag has no insulation properties, and does not have a hood to keep the air warm. The rectangular sleeping bag is best for car and indoor camping and the zip is compatible with other sleeping bags and can be opened flat for use as a quilt, saving money during plugging camp.

1.1.2 Barrel-shaped sleeping bag

Things You Should Know Before Choosing Sleeping Bags for Camping

Some people like the comfort and spaciousness of sleeping in a rectangular bag, assuming they won't affect warmth then the barrel sleeping bag is considered the rectangular sleeping bag version. As they feature a tapered shoulder area and leg box to reduce some dead air in rectangular pockets, and come with a hood that controls insulation properties. The barrel-shaped sleeping bag is suitable for car camping and backpacking. Therefore, this is also considered as an ideal choice for those who love camping with a sleeping bag.

1.1.3 Mummy sleeping bag

Things You Should Know Before Choosing Sleeping Bags for Camping

Considered a high-temperature sleeping bag, mainly in cold conditions.The mummy bag is shaped to fit the body, along with a leg box and an oblique leg area. In addition, the mummy sleeping bag comes in a variety of widths across the hips and shoulders, combined with a hood that can be tightened with a zipper. The mummy sleeping bag is much lighter than the rectangular and barrel-shaped sleeping bag, allowing the person to swing and twist and therefore may be less comfortable for some people. Ideal for backpacking and short or long camping if you covet.

1.1.4 Double sleeping bag

Things You Should Know Before Choosing Sleeping Bags for Camping

A double sleeping bag or a two-person sleeping bag, designed to be comfortable for two adults. If you go camping with a lover, this is the ideal camping equipment for you. However, the warmth of the double sleeping bag will decrease as the number of occupants increases, possibly lost due to the looseness of some double sleeping bags causing cold air to enter. On the other hand, there are still some twin sleeping bags that can also decompress and form two single sleeping bags, and they can be more flexible when sleeping alone. Best for car camping and romantic getaways. In fact, they're usually bigger and bulky, so they're not for long backpackers.

1.1.5 Quilt sleeping bag

Things You Should Know Before Choosing Sleeping Bags for Camping

Perhaps sleeping bags won't necessarily help you fight cold weather at night, when everything cools down to a low level. But if a sleeping bag is equipped with all the things, it can be quite heavy during travel. Overcoming this way, choosing a cotton blanket instead of a sleeping bag is a very attractive option. Quilts are also gradually becoming very popular in travel backpacks, if fitted with an insulating cushion underneath will help sleep better. Usually a good blanket is as warm as other sleeping bags. Very suitable for the loai shaped, lightweight travel backpack, hammock camping.

1.1.6 Elephant’s foot sleeping bag

Things You Should Know Before Choosing Sleeping Bags for Camping

The elephant foot sleeping bag closely resembles the shape of an elephant's foot, and is lightweight ideal for backpackers and mountaineers. It has a slim shape and fits snugly like a mummy sleeping bag, without a hood. They are also longer than other sleeping bags and are dependent on the person sleeping. The zippers are usually lengthy to save weight, with laces clamping the top half of the bag together underneath the mattress like a quilt.

1.1.7 Women’s sleeping bag

Things You Should Know Before Choosing Sleeping Bags for Camping

This type of sleeping bag is designed exclusively for women, they have a narrow shoulder structure and wide hip width and must really fit the length of the body to avoid heat loss. It is important that women's sleeping bags should be warmer than men's because women often feel colder and their health is quite weak.

1.1.8 Children’s sleeping bag

Things You Should Know Before Choosing Sleeping Bags for Camping

Usually baby sleeping bags have a shorter length than other types but still have the same properties as larger adult bags. Baby bags should be easy to pack, compact and lightweight. On the other hand, some baby bags have built-in sleeves for sleeping cushions, making them easy to use by first-time campers.

1.1.9 Pod shaped sleeping bag

Things You Should Know Before Choosing Sleeping Bags for Camping

This type of sleeping bag is evaluated to have giant size and unrestricted movement inside the bag, suitable for those who like to move a lot while sleeping. The lozenges do not fit tightly into the body like a mummy bag, so they are usually not warm, but especially if you have one more person sleeping together, the warm temperature will rise. Some pod pockets have an inner pocket, hood, integrated storage bag, and a wind baffle in the top zipper to keep the face out of the cold.

1.2. Sleeping bag temperature

Things You Should Know Before Choosing Sleeping Bags for Camping

Depending on the conditions that you have, and the right weather, you will choose a sleeping bag for the family and yourself. However, it is still important to understand ways to review and choose the temperature of your sleeping bag. Most sleeping bags are labeled with the corresponding temperature rating for each average male or female body temperature, so attention should be paid to the test. Some of the sleeping bags based on temperature include: Summer, Three season, Winter.

1.3. Down insulation sleeping bag

The Down insulation sleeping bag is also a preferred choice for those who like light backpack camping and hiking they are perfect for keeping warm. However, an advantage that everyone should pay attention to is that the insulation of the sleeping bag is severely limited when it is wet, difficult to dry in a short time. But now the manufacturer of Down's sleeping bag has an upgrade to its water permeability. Great for long camping because they are light and have long compression.

1.4. Synthetic insulated sleeping bag

Things You Should Know Before Choosing Sleeping Bags for Camping

Materials used for special insulation are synthetic materials, usually made of polyester, or a variation. Synthetic insulation, on the other hand, also has insulation but is heavier and less compressible. Their advantages are probably constructed from the beginning with the ability to insulate when wet, quickly dry, and reasonable prices for those who like backpacking and hiking.

2. Fill in sleeping bag

As for the sleeping bag information we provide above, generally sleeping bags are filled with either fluff (eider, goose or duck) or synthetic (synthetic fiber blend). Notably, the insulation will do well when light shines on.

2.1 Feather

In general, the insulation is a blend of feathers and down feathers. If they are thick, they will retain high heat, increase warmth but are very expensive. In addition, manufacturers often give their fill capacity on the bulletin board, the higher the number, the warmer the efficiency.

2.2 Synthetic materials

Synthetic insulation can be warm when they are not heavily compressed. It also performs well even when wet, notably when wet it stops insulation. So should invest carefully to get high efficiency.

3. Rated temperature

You may not actually need a warm bag, but you also need to look at the temperature ratings on the bag. On most bags, you'll find an EN (European Standard) rating with two important values:

  • T-Comfort is the lowest temperature when you want to use the bag if it's the average woman.
  • T-Limit is for men because they need a low temperature to stay warm.

Moreover, for a basic three-season bag, you should pay attention to bag selection based on gender around 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees C because women's bags are actually smaller than men, depending on if you are high. On the other hand, you can look for extra items like small heat-insulating pads such as doormats.

4. Sleeping pad

Things You Should Know Before Choosing Sleeping Bags for Camping

Having to say when choosing a sleeping bag, the mattress is more important than anything. While you are lying directly on the ground, at night the temperature drops, a chill begins to spread around and you lose more heat, especially if you sleep in a tent. The mattress is ranked using something called an R value and if you're looking to buy something to use for each season, something around 3 is the best option.

5. Bag cut

You can compare it with rectangular sleeping bags and mummy sleeping bags. Using a mummification cut improves your warmth. If it's warm enough you don't need to cut the mummy to increase the temperature of your sleep.

On the other hand, look for a zippered sleeping bag that allows you to vent the bag under your feet. This is an important aspect of getting the moist, warm air out of the bag, while also preventing you and the fabric from becoming a soggy mess, thus making it even colder.

6. Test and storage

Try lying on the mattress when you buy it because this helps you determine the coefficient of friction between the sleeping bag and the mattress that is enough to stay on the mattress in the first place, followed by your feet not being pushed into the bag's leg box. This will make the insulation less and the feet will be very cold. If you are tall, you should choose a sleeping bag a little longer. Besides, should also equip a bag to keep the bag dry.

7. Zipper

Things You Should Know Before Choosing Sleeping Bags for Camping

This is also an important part to protect you while you sleep from outside influences. When choosing a sleeping bag, look for two-way zippers to open the length of the sleeping bag, so that you can easily open the bottom end to ventilate your feet if needed. Also check for well-sized wrinkled fabric behind the zippers for wind protection.

8. Some activities for sleeping bag

  • Backpacking: If you're a backpacker then the sleeping bag you're looking for should be packed or zipped down to a moderately small size, allowing you to tuck it into a backpack and carry the bed on your shoulders and hips. However, attention should be paid to the ratio of warmth to weight.
  • Mountaineering: If you are a climber, it is very important to prepare yourself a sleeping bag. It must be considered whether or not they have a high warming level, whether they are susceptible to environmental impacts. Pay special attention to the moisture and waterproof fabric so climbers need a sleeping bag with multiple layers of insulation to keep warm.
  • Alpine climbing: It is common for climbers to move fast, which is why you need items to be light and warm. The mummified shapes of the sleeping bags are often quite tight to reduce weight, and at the same time they allow more insulation to counter the colder temperatures of the mountains.
  • Car camping: When camping in a car, this proves you have a lot of weight if you need it for each item. If the backpack only accepts miniature items, right here will receive a giant bag that can accommodate two people.

9. Sleeping bag season ratings

A season rating is used to inform buyers of the time of year a sleeping bag is most suitable for. Ratings start from 1 (for summer months) and all the way up to 5 - extreme cold temperatures.

  • Season 1: They are designed for camping on warm summer nights, so are an ideal choice for festival goers and for indoor use as children's pajamas, typically 5°C or above.
  • Season 2: Primarily designed for use in the UK in late spring and early fall where nights can get chilly. They are ideal for camping in the UK outside of the summer months, around 0 to 5°C.
  • Season 3: They are intended for chilly autumn nights, where there is no frost. Suitable for anyone who likes to camp in a cold place, between 0 to -5°C.
  • Season 4: Used on frosty nights where the ground may be snowy, suitable for temperatures as low as -10°C.
  • Season 5: Typically found in the rucksacks of mountaineers, suitable for temperatures often as low as -40°C. .


Nothing more, a sleeping bag with a versatile combination that enhances the traditional sleeping bag to match the types of sleeping bags according to the criteria of today's users. Since then, manufacturers have given the advantages and disadvantages of each sleeping bag. Hopefully, after the information we carefully filter, you will have more diverse accessories for the best sleeping bags.

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