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How To Get Wifi While Camping

By Jessie SwiftLast update: 2023-09-12

According to research, campers often ask about where they can find the internet when they're out and about. They also prefer wifi access to campground stores that offer food and equipment for sale on request. While camping, many people want to cut off the power and leave behind their electronics, smartphones and computers.

However many people choose not to, one survey found they still want to be linked when visiting campgrounds. This can be understood in the culture and society we live in today, where a phone or computer is seen as a necessity rather than a luxury. But, if you've recently visited a campground, you know how difficult and slow it can be to use the free wifi there. Stay connected internet with these helpful tips and tricks on how to get wifi while camping. Discover reliable internet access for your adventures.

How To Get Wifi While Camping

1. Employing A Mobile WiFi Router

You can access the internet when you are moving around thanks to the small WiFi router or wallet WiFi. It is compatible with connections to local area networks, 3G or 4G networks, as well as open WiFi. There are no wires or software installations necessary for using the gadget. To receive a consistent signal, just turn it up and follow the instructions. These are some fundamental steps:

  • First, replace the SIM card inside the tray or connect the connector to the appropriate port.
  • If the battery is not charged, turn on the power or plug it into an electrical outlet.
  • To access the Wifi it has set up with a password, follow the instructions.
  • It should be noted that although the device protects the signal, it does not amplify the signal.

The fact that you can simply carry these little, lightweight gadgets in your pocket is a benefit. They additionally provide totally wireless capabilities and run on batteries. They are the ideal option for light-weight camping excursions because of this, using these tools is really easy. Your personal internet hotspot would be ready in a matter of seconds when you insert a SIM card and switch it on. Furthermore, it is simple to connect several devices. These routers may connect to ten devices at the same time in some cases.

Before purchasing, there are a couple of things to bear in mind.

  • For campers, the size and battery life of the smartphone are crucial factors. Make sure that battery can support your camping trip by checking its capacity.
  • WiFi hotspots may offer a range of speeds. You can select 3G, 4G, or 4G+ devices depending on your needs.
  • Other features on certain smartphones include the capacity to send and get text messages. You can choose based on your requirements.
  • The cost of the equipment is a crucial consideration, too. The cost will increase along with the availability of additional features and faster speeds. There are other options that are cheaper.

How To Get Wifi While Camping

2. Use a phone hotspot

The use of a mobile phone as a means of communication is becoming more and more popular.

Using your phone as a hotspot is one of the simplest methods to acquire a WiFi connection anywhere. Both the iOS and Android smartphones make it very easy to enable the hotspot feature on your mobile device. Most smartphones can rapidly establish a wireless hotspot at campsites where there is a cell service. Within 30 feet, you also can connect numerous devices simultaneously. Even if the pace isn't the finest, it's sufficient for simple tasks such as reading email and social media.

Some things to keep in mind. First, you have to make sure that you don't even run out of data during an extended camping vacation. Most service providers actually impose severe limits on hotspot data consumption.

You may not get unlimited hotspot data even with an unlimited mobile subscription. In fact, beyond a certain point, the network speed will drop significantly.

There seem to be a few other downsides. Hotspots on your phone can quickly drain your battery. Also, having an incorrect data plan can increase your price.

How To Get Wifi While Camping

3. USB Device Internet Access

Another quick and easy way to access the internet while camping is with an Usb drive or flash drive. It functions as a plug-and-play portable internet modem, essentially.

The device is quite simple to use. You may access the internet right away once you plug it into a USB port. The majority of dongles work with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Further installation is not really necessary. The device doesn't require battery support because it is computer-powered. That makes it highly helpful for long picnics. Dongles are comparable to WiFi routers in speed. Dongles will soon get speedier thanks to the impending 5G technology. Therefore, don't anticipate anything faster than 4G connections when traveling to distant places.

Nevertheless, if you are outside of the provider coverage area, a dongle won't function. The dongle is also permanently attached to your device. For the optimum reception, you can't set it up as a portable WiFi router. USB dongles provide a finite quantity of data, like the majority of devices. It can be difficult to find a cheap plan with unlimited data.

How To Get Wifi While Camping

4. A satellite-specific internet system

Try to use a satellite-based system when land-based internet networks fall short of providing the greatest outcomes. This technology uses tiny low-earth orbit satellites to transmit internet communications. With a relay system built around network operations centers, the data is transported.

The biggest benefit is that you are not dependent on mobile towers or signal quality. It's a fantastic option for isolated places with weak connectivity infrastructure because of this. These little systems are simple to use and don't need any permits to run. They can also work in very hot or very cold environments. Yet, torrential downpours might obstruct satellite transmissions.

Additionally, they provide worldwide coverage. These units are an excellent option if you intend to go on a trek across another continent. Mountains and canyons, however, can block the satellite's signal. A satellite terminal requires an unobstructed view of the horizons toward the equator in order to perform at its best.

How To Get Wifi While Camping

5. Using A Booster Kit For A Mobile Phone

To improve the service in distant campgrounds, you can use antennas or a cell phone booster. Although they both produce comparable outcomes, there are some fundamental distinctions between the two devices. Signal boosters are simpler to put up and are effective in locations with poor signal. Even mounting accessories are included.

Antennas are less expensive and don't need a power supply. They also provide greater installation freedom. However, they work best in locations with an excellent to strong signal.

As they may function for 3G, 4G, or 5G connectivity, antennas are adaptable. They are available in directed and omnidirectional varieties. In a campsite, directional antennas are fixed and pointed in the direction of the closest cell tower. Signals coming from any direction can be captured with omnidirectional antennas. These work well for browsing the web while driving. Yet directional antennas perform better.

How To Get Wifi While Camping

6. Using a Wi-Fi extender

You can boost your WiFi signal and spread it out over more space by installing a WiFi extender or repeater. In campsites with inadequate signal, this can be used.

In essence, an extension includes two wireless routers. The existing signal is picked up by one of them and the amplified signal is sent to your device by the other device. You should have a backup plan.

Some of them have a waterproof design that makes them ideal for outdoor use. These amenities are also reasonably priced. The gadget has an app-based interface and is simple to set up. But you'll need to connect the gadget to a power source. It is therefore best used in RVs or automobile camping areas.

How To Get Wifi While Camping


Some campers believe that bringing work along will compromise their enjoyment of the outdoors. Others may find that it combines their love of the outdoors with the rigors of their professional lives, giving them the combination that is ideal. Moreover, connectivity occasionally saves lives. Ultimately, there are numerous ways to use the wifi when camping. Not all of the options, though, are the best for you. While selecting one, you must take your specific needs into account.

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