How To Shower While Camping

By Jessie SwiftLast update: 2023-09-12

Getting out of the daily grind and not feeling obligated to adhere to contemporary life's customs, such as using silverware and taking daily showers, is the main goal of any style of camping. Nonetheless, some of us find it difficult to imagine going days without taking a shower.

There are a few ways to stay a little fresh at camp, whether you're worried about smelling a little bit too strong or simply planning to get extremely dirty on your expedition and want to preserve your nicest blanket in good shape. From what to expect before showering while camping to how to shower with a washcloth or make use of a local lake, we'll show you how to shower while camping. After completing this article, you may also want to check out our camping guide for more hygiene tips for your outdoor activities.

How To Shower While Camping

Choose a campsite with a shower

The simplest solution, of course, is to simply reserve a spot at a campground with showers. They do exist, but don't expect a spa-like experience. Showers in campgrounds are typically simple but offer considerable privacy in the shape of separate cubicles, similar to those at a gym, and are accessible to visitors on a compensation basis. You'll frequently be given a time constraint, so you'll want to be ready. You must bring your own towel, soap, and shower shoes, as well as any other necessary supplies.

Bring your headlamp and schedule your shower for the end of the day when everyone is concentrating on super if you don't want to wait in line at popular campgrounds during busy periods like the morning and early evening.

How To Shower While Camping

Utilize restrooms at truck stops

While traveling by car, you can avoid the lengthy wait in the shower lines at the campsite by making a pit stop at a motorway service or petrol station. Although they may sound a little frightening, these are typically rather tidy and well-kept. You will need to take your own soap, shampoo, and towel, again and, shower shoes are strongly advised. They may even have a hairdryer. Simply go to the desk, say you'd want to take a shower, and the attendant will walk you through the process. Usually once you pay, they'll give you a code you can use to enter the shower, and once it's ready, you can head inside.

How To Shower While Camping

Bathe in sponges

All you need for a good sponge bath is a decent camping bucket, a sponge, some soap, and water. It's simple, but still a terrific alternative. Choose a quiet area at least 200 feet away from any waterway, away from other campers, and secluded. If the bucket is large enough, you can stand inside it and splash water over your underarms, crotch, and other ripe regions. Apply a small amount of soap, then remove it with the sponge. After you're done, take a quick one-second shower by pouring the excess liquid over your head.

How To Shower While Camping

Get a portable camping shower for you

In essence, portable camping showers consist of a bag that you add water to that is typically energy from the sun and a hose and spray, ranging in sophistication from the most basic pocket-sized devices to free-standing ones. If you're using soap, choose a location that is at least 200 feet away from every body of water, hang your bar from a tree, and let the sun heat the water throughout the day before rinsing off when you return from your activities.

How To Shower While Camping

Use a lake or river

You can just take an instant dip to get some of the day's grime off if there's a safe water body nearby, such as a lake or river, and the water isn't too frigid or has a strong current. If the ground is rocky or slick, you may want to bring your pair of your best water shoes. Of course, avoid using soap or shampoo because they endanger the local fish and other wildlife. Take your time and do some wild swimming if indeed the water is nice.

How To Shower While Camping

Use wet wipes

While it's not a shower or tub, the easiest solution is to carry some wet wipes and use them to wipe away whenever a bad smell comes out of your hands. This will be one of the best options for travelers. To stay awake in the wilderness, companies sell a variety of wipes, which are quite portable and lightweight. Just remember to put the wipes in your bag when you're done using them, and take the trash outside when you're done

How To Shower While Camping

Use the Method of Household Product

You have some everyday items at home that can really help you simulate bathing until you can actually shower. Using these items can help keep you clean and shiny. Include the following in your packing list: baking powder, apple cider vinegar, almond oil,...Oily hair responds well to baking soda. Sprinkle a small amount on the head, then massage into hair, scalp and ends. No need to rinse again, it will collect grease and odor for quick reset. One natural deodorant that works well is apple cider vinegar. To remove dead skin, reduce odor, and kill bacteria, use it on your underarms. Then, apply olive oil to the dry parts of your face and body. Olive oil provides a lot of vitamins and antioxidants and is very hydrating.

Tips about Shower When Camping

As you are able to see, showering while camping may be as glitzy or as simple as you like. Here are some additional pointers to bear in mind:

  • Think of the essential items you require, such as washcloths, eco-friendly soap, shampoo, sponges, towels, and water sources.
  • Don't ever use scented soaps since they could draw insects.
  • Choose microfiber or beach towels; they dry more quickly than bath towels.
  • Always tidy up after oneself, gathering all waste and properly disposing of it.
  • In every situation, use the smallest amount of water that's feasible.
  • Carry hand sanitizer to avoid washing your hands as often.
  • If you can, wash your dishes in the sun to remain warm and dry more quickly.
  • Each type of bathing requires flip-flops or water shoes.

How to save water for the shower

How To Shower While Camping

While it is generally recommended to use as little liquid as possible in the shower, doing so while camping is not an option. You should try to save as much water as possible and there are several ways to achieve that.

  • Don't wash your hair.

You should avoid washing your hair if possible as it constantly picks up a lot of water. If you need to wash your hair, wash it first and then let the biodegradable soapy water run down your body. Try not to use conditioner if you can't get rid of it, use one that avoids having to wash your hair again.

  • Washing technique

Since it uses one of the most water and you may need to constantly replenish your shower, the flush method is ideal for campsites with hoses. This technique involves spraying water on your body, turning off the water, lathering with soap, and then rinsing off.

  • Centralized washing

The best method to feel comfortable without using a lot of water is to focus on washing the area that gives you the most energy.


While camping is a lovely and enjoyable hobby, let's be honest it can be a bit annoying and dirty at times. You can save time and effort by getting into the habit of showering while camping. They say always be prepared and everything will be fine. I hope you'll explore nature and realize that there are many simple ways to shower while camping, whether it's with a washcloth, washcloth, or even a luxury camping shower. full facilities. Although it may take some time to get used to, everything will be fine.

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