Benefits Of Going Climbing

By Matt GerholdLast update: 2023-07-25

Are you looking for a sport, an activity that will boost you mentally and physically? Climbing is a sport that could be a good choice for you.

It's a sport, as well as a fun type of experience. This is a great sport to train your strength, endurance, build strength and increase balance. It will help push you to your limits, give you a huge sense of accomplishment, and even let you try out some stunning scenery.

This exciting sport is enjoyed by many, of all ages and fitness levels, whether you are a heavyweight athlete or a beginner. Climbing is a combination of strength, technique and determination.

Climbing has many benefits. Here are the amazing benefits of going climbing.

1. Increased strength and grip

Climbing combines the forearms, legs, back, so you will become stronger when you practice it for sure. After participating in climbing activities, your grip will definitely improve markedly.

Specifically, the latissimus dorsi muscles (the pair of wing-shaped muscles located in the middle of the back) help pull the body upwards; the forearm flexor muscle is used to open and close your hand around each hold; abdominal muscles stabilize the body and keep the pelvis in line with the chest; The quadriceps (the muscle group located in the front of the thigh) help propel your body upwards, allowing you to step from one position to another.

2. Improve balance

Balance is essential and important when you're climbing. Without the right balance, you will struggle to shift your center of gravity to an optimal position to help you complete a problem.

Core strength is one of the main benefits of climbing. Strength often goes hand in hand with balance. Therefore, the more you climb and the more you increase your core strength, the bigger improvements you will see in your health.

3. Physical health training

Benefits Of Going Climbing

Climbing is an extremely good exercise, helping to move all parts of the body such as arms, legs, thighs, etc. In addition, it also contributes to improving the muscles and cardiovascular system, reducing risk of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke.

This sport is a skillful combination of legs and arms to stand firmly on difficult terrain, working with eyes to observe the obstacles ahead. When you focus on climbing, you will be away from electronic devices, and your eyes will be rested.

Before climbing, you should practice daily from 1 to 3 months depending on the difficulty of the mountain with exercises such as climbing stairs, jumping rope, jogging, cycling, swimming,... This will help you adapt to high-intensity activities, increase endurance and endurance.

4. Burn calories

Benefits Of Going Climbing

Climbing helps you burn a large amount of calories when having to be active continuously for a long time.

The amount of calories you can burn depends on your age, gender, and body characteristics. Studies have shown that, even if a 155-pound person climbs below “maximum effort,” that person will burn between 8 and 10 calories per minute. And you can burn between 480 and 600 calories per hour.

5. Increase the memory capacity of the brain

Benefits Of Going Climbing

According to research, the physical and mental activities involved in climbing such as balance, muscle coordination, spatial orientation can significantly improve a person's working memory. After two hours of climbing, the researchers found that the participants who climbed the mountain had a 50% increase in memory capacity, which is a significant improvement.

6. Relax

Benefits Of Going Climbing

The environment has a significant impact on the human brain and thinking and thinking. Being in contact with nature, away from technology devices will help the brain rest, relax, reduce stress and increase creativity by up to 50%.

Does your work pressure makes you feel stressed? Feeling stuck in the bustling city? Or simply bored with anything? Climbing is an activity you should consider choosing. Instead of all sorts of things going around in your head, you'll just think about conquering the mountain. You will feel relaxed, thinking positively when enjoying the fresh, airy, cool air with majestic and beautiful natural scenery. When you reach the top, you will feel all burdens removed, the mood will become lighter.

7. Climbing creates a meditative experience and a state of flow

"Flow state" is when you are fully present in the moment despite completing a challenging task. For example, when you are climbing a mountain, everything outside of your current state falls and the only thing you think about is the rock and how to get up the wall. Like meditation, climbing can lead to experiencing a state of "flow" without sitting still. Some hospitals even recommend climbing to treat traumatic brain injuries because of the meditation-like experiences that climbing creates through attention, concentration, and kinematic awareness of the body and your movement.

8. Help solve the problem

During climbing, a lot of problems can occur. Therefore, climbing is also a way to increase the ability to solve problems quickly and effectively. The position of your feet and hands are both wrong and your next move needs to be perfect or you will fall. Solve a problem no matter what, you can surprise and be happy with it.

9. Increase confidence - Challenge yourself

Climbing can boost your confidence in many ways, like making friends with other climbers, or achieving a goal.

You participated in climbing in the early days.During the first few climbs you try, you won't be completely confident. Unless you're a naturally gifted climber. You may look at some routes and feel like you'll never be able to finish them.

At the end of the climbing journey, you have overcome your fear.This constant journey and sense of challenge is what makes climbing so enjoyable. Once you complete a climb of relative difficulty, this will put you on the path of wanting to achieve more and more. After bad days -the sport becomes worthwhile. You get to enjoy these good times with some really cool people.

10. Build patience

You're hitting the gym and you're feeling a bit tired, you'll stop because there's no one to take care of you, and then stand taking selfies for an hour. During the climbing process, the key to paying attention to is concentration and patience. During the climb, if you feel tired, stop for a while, drink some water, and then continue the journey.

You can't give up halfway because the road is still long, no one wants to be abandoned in the middle of the forest and mountains. We all have our destination, you and everyone have to try, do your best to achieve the predetermined goal.

11. Expand knowledge

You will open your eyes, know more things when you set foot on any new land. Surely the majestic and beautiful mountain scenery is an image that we can hardly find in a crowded city.

12. Expand relationship

Benefits Of Going Climbing

The climbing journey will become more fun and memorable when you experience it with many friends, experience new things together, and help each other overcome the difficult road. In addition, participating in mountain climbing, you have the opportunity to make new friends.

People with similar interests often find it easier to strike up a conversation. No one wants to climb all the way alone. Find, get acquainted, chat with the people in the group to make the trip more interesting and fun.


Climbing offers more benefits than most other sports. So, climbing is not only about providing physical health benefits, but also mental and emotional care.

Climbing is really a suitable sport for those who are adventurous, love to explore or want to have fun and still have a beautiful body.

The above benefits are more than enough for you to immediately add climbing to your list of sports to try. Start practicing and choose for yourself a mountain you want to conquer. Remember to prepare well for a safe, healthy and fun trip.

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